In Alvin (about 30 minutes away) there is a fantastic farm that you can go pick your own strawberries! I've been aching to go, so finally, Friday, Jon got home early and we went! The kids loved it! They got pretty good at picking the nice strawberries, though Teik kept going for some weird ones!
One of the best finds of the day! Teik was pleased! It's like 5-in-1!
In the end we picked about 4lbs of the freshest, yummiest, strawberries ever! We've gorged ourselves on them all weekend, and I made 6 jars of freezer jam, and we still have quite a bit left for shortcake tonight! Ahhh, glorious strawberries!


Julie said...

I can't tell you how jealous I get every time I look at your blog and you're all in shorts. So lucky.

Nancy said...

Jam is delicious! Yeah little finger pickers!

Torrie said...

Did they let you sample the strawberries as you picked? I think I would have eaten 4 pounds before we even went to pay for them!

Darci said...

Yummers. Hopefully we'll be picking strawberries here soon. :)