March Madness

Lots of fun things have been going on this month here in the Ormson home! Here's just a few of the many adventures!For Jon's Spring break we took our adventures up to Amarillo/Lubbock to see family and talk to a few Dentists. On our way we passed these AWESOME signs and had to stop!I don't care that I don't like pecans, put my name on a building and I'm all about a picture!
While we were in Amarillo, we hit up Cadillac Ranch. As per tradition, we wrote our names down in pen.
The family. One day we'll actually take a "real" family photo!
Sevy kept picking up all the spray cans she found and tried to make her mark. Apparently all the spray-painting I do at home is rubbing off on her!
On our way to and from Amarillo, we hit up Sea World! Sevy is now a big fan of roller-coasters now which makes these trips even more fun!
While at the "Shamu Rocks" show, Jon insisted on the splash zone. When that time came, I pulled a true mom and ran for dry ground! When I came down, both kids were screaming. You can tell by the picture that Sevy didn't get over it quickly!There's a new area that's all about Sesame Street! We took pictures with many of our favorite characters! Teik was not a fan of these guys, but he got better the more we saw!The count is probably MY favorite from Sesame street! I think he's trying to give a thumbs up!Belle has needed a hair trim, but when I took her to the groomers, it was worse than I thought!Here is Belle after the cut. They had to shave her! I didn't recognize! I still crack up, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be!Sevy turns 5 on Sunday, and this year she wanted her first "girly" birthday party! We had her two little girly-friends over and had Sevy's Fairyland in our backyard!We decorated our tent in the backyard with butterflies and these flower-lights I've fallen in LOVE with! Thanks again to my friend Julie who came to help decorate!This is part of the lunch they had! I loved how everything turned out, and I think the girls had fun. Sevy did at least! I still can't believe my little girl is going to be FIVE!


Al and Jenny said...

Avery loved the party! The tent was so cute. A girl's dream :)

Ben and Shara said...

when you are driving there do you plan to have spray paint and pen with you? I'm loving that tradition!

It's got me thinking. . . where can I do the same thing?

Torrie said...

I love that you ran from the splash zone and left the others to soak! You are too funny. :)

Nancy said...

what amazing little people food! and wow, your daughter goes to school this coming year! yikes and what a blessing. :)