How would it be to be a baby?!

I know I am no longer new to the whole "new baby" thing, but am still constantly fascinated. Our little Dex is 12 weeks old now and really is such a great baby! He is now sleeping an 8 hour stint at night, only to wake up wanting to be fed, and then go back to sleep. I think he sleeps so well at night, because he doesn't have an older "helpful" brother trying to attack him. And with that, he is very tolerant of Teik trying to lay on him and play with him and read to him and basically torture him without any real fuss. Because of that, poor kid is still in my room because we FEAR what will happen with our helpful Teik and little Deckland! He loves Sevy and she is still the main person we go to if we want him to laugh. Jon has the special trick too, but Sevy is a rock star at it! He's still a string-bean, but we know when solids hit he will likely chunk out! I swear I'll post pictures soon, but I figured a little update would probably be good!


My "Scary" Children

Oh how far we've come from our Fairies and Gnomes! This year, my kids decided they wanted to be skeletons and vampires for Halloween!

I will be the first to admit, they were pretty darn cute if not somewhat frightening! Teik was super scared of the make-up we had put on Sevy and tried to put on him, and Deckland kept his thoughts to himself.

Sevy's school had a "Funfest" which was super fun for the kids to go to--even if our kids were the only ones in costume! Sevy got to go bubbling, they played lots of cool carnivalish games, and the whole theme was Dr. Seuss and even had Whooville!

Sevy in Whooville . . . Sevy "bubbling" . . . Teik sad because after standing in line for an 90 minutes we learned you had to be FOUR to go bubbling. Poor guy!