Crafty Crafty

I've been in a crafting mood lately and am never short on projects. I picked up these tea towels and fabric when I was in Idaho, and finally finished dazzling them up. Here are a few of my favorites.
Love me some stripes!
This was my first one, I still actually like how it turned out, although there are things I would change . . .
Okay, to explain this picture. This velvety beauty was found at Goodwill with a lovely peach matte and a regular wood frame. So I did what I do best and changed it to suit my needs . . .
And thankfully after some mod-podge, spray paint, and a different picture, it turned into something I actually like! I LOVE spray paint! I changed a terrible green/gold frame, a yellow frame, and a couple wood frames to finish off the 8x10 frame needs I had! I think the grand total was $15 for 4 frames plus paint!
This was another Goodwill frame find. I spray painted it white, then the top half is metal (another Idaho find) and I made the magnet from a brad. The bottom part is cork board that I painted and added stickers. I doubt I'll ever use the cork board part, but I like how it turned out!
This last one is just a book I made for a friend. The cover is awesome with this velvet textured paper. Simple yet not. I love it!

This is only a small selection of what I've been up to lately! I'm currently looking at fabrics for a dress for me, a dress for Sevy, a skirt for me, and Teik's Halloween costume!
(anyone know where I can find a fake beard?!)
Also I made a terrible mistake of picking up the latest DIY Magazine (totally a fav of mine!) and have a wood craft I'm excited to try! Now to find a jigsaw . . .