In Mommy's Shoes

Now that I'm going back to work, I always wonder what Jon does with Sevy while I'm away. Luckily for me, Jon like to take pictures so I can see what he does all the time. Sevy's new thing is shoes. She loves carrying them around and trying to put them on. Jon decided he would help her out with my shoes and strapped them on. Apparently she was a riot to watch trying to walk around. Oh! How I love her!

The Beloved Binky

We are proud to announce that Sevy hasn't used her beloved binky for 5 days now!!! FIVE DAYS!!! That's amazing! Her sleep schedule is bezerk, we have to lay her down completely exhausted, and she takes like an hour to go to bed now, but it's been 5 whole days! That's our girl!

(p.s. this picture is seriously from back in January or February I believe. she has just a little more hair now!)


Sleeping Sevy

My daughter sleeps like a weirdo! She either wraps herself around her beloved blanky, or is so stretched out with limbs hanging out everywhere! These two pictures are just from last night and tonight, and they just cracked me up so I thought I would share!



So . . . Jon believes our daughter looks like this guy (Abe Sapien-for anyone who has actually seen or remembered) from Hellboy. We think the similarities are stunning, but her coloring is much better! Any thoughts?


New Cousins!

So here are the highly anticipated photos of the new babies in our family! This first one is Sarah Luella Rail who came to us back in April. I'm a little slow getting pictures put on of her, but she is a cutie and look at that smile! LOVE HER!

The next baby is little Avery McKay Dance who is the newest enstallment just born two weeks ago. She has already changed so much and is such a pleasant baby! She just sleeps and is so content! Also just too darling to handle! I just thought we would finally post the newbies!


Housesitting and Life

This isn't the most exciting blog, but I loved the pictures! We spent a week housesitting for a family in our ward, and it's always a treat! They have an awesome pool that Sevy just loves to play in! Uncle Kris came down and we had a "bar-b-que" complete with hot dogs, hamburgers, and of course, WATERMELLON! Sevy loved the watermellon and went to town on it. I think she single-handedly ate half of it!

We are currently splitting time in Amarillo and Lubbock. Jon started his internship with his family dentist and is loving it! This is always a good sign when applying for dental school! He works Monday through Wednesday and then we come back to Lubbock for my Thursday/Friday shift at Vision One. Sevy and I probably won't last long travelling back and forth, but it's been nice not to sleep alone. Jon's sis Torrie just had a new baby Avery! She is darling and so tiny! We totally left our camera in Amarillo so I'll post pictures next week. We just love her though!