Deckland Knute Ormson

Having a scheduled c-section is kind of a nice way to have a baby, just because it's no surprise when we go in! August 30th was our day, and we didn't have to be at the hospital until 10am. Super nice! Here's some of the breakdown for the day!
Teik and I had one last chance to compare bellies. I won!
Last belly kiss before we got to meet baby!
Not a pretty shot--but one of my first views of baby! Look at his little blue hand! I somehow always forget how off color they are for the first day! He was officially born at 12:22pm and weighed in at 7lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches.
Daddy and Deck. Jon always gets the first glance of our babies and will instantly tell me what they look like! Teik looked just like Sevy, and Deckland looked just like BOTH kids!
First sibling photo! I LOVE my kids!
Big Brother Teik. He absolutely loves his little brother and wanted to name him Dragon! Maybe he knew we would end up with a D name . . .
With Mimi Ormson
Sweet kisses!
Kris and Ashley (I was shocked the first night with him when I took off his hat and really
saw his hair for the first time all cleaned up.
What a head of dark hair! I know it'll lighten up, but such a stud!)
He's our first to like his fingers. We are quickly trying to get him to take a binky instead because you can take away a binky--not so much his fingers!
Heading home. It was my shortest stint in a hospital (like only 2 nights), but I was ready to get out of there (me and a few nurses did NOT get a long). I love how little our babies are in their car seats at first and then how quickly they grow out of them!
At home. He loves to sleep on his belly!
I don't know if I should be concerned or just go with it to make my life easier!
For the past two nights I've slept with him lying on my stomach and as a result have been able to sleep in 5 hour stints. I'm sure this will change, but I think both me and Dex needs it!
Jon gave him his first "bath" at home this morning. He was not a happy camper until Jon--the super swaddler--bundled him up and held him. Jon really has a swaddling gift that has come in handy with our kids! Love it!

So far we are doing good with our brood of 3.
I'm so glad it's a holiday weekend though and plan on recovering myself so maybe
by Monday I'll feel human. For now, I'm enjoying my pain meds, sleeping on the couch,
and being as lazy as humanly possible. Staples come out Tuesday
and I fear that more than anything so far!
Wish us luck!