A day late . . .

I'm a day late on this, but, Happy Anniversary to us! It's been four long/quick years and it's crazy how much we've grown, shrunk, smartened (is that even a word?) up, dumbied down, changed our hair, changed our location, gotten a game plan on life, and had two amazingly adorable children! We claimed the Dave Matthews tickets were are anniversary gift to each other, and then went out to eat last night in celebration--of course with both kiddos in tow! The day we celebrate our anniversary with just the two of us with be a great day indeed! We make fun of our newlywed friends for being overly lovey-dovey, but to be honest, I'm pretty sure I'm more in love now than I was 4 years ago! It's just too hard to be all over each other in public when you have a destructo two year old and a screaming newborn! Love you Jon Jon!

Keep in your prayers . . .

While blog hopping through my family's blogs, I found this story. A week or so ago my cousin's friends were in a plane crash. They are both badly burned and in critical condition. Their four kids were thankfully not with them. If anyone could just keep this family in your prayers, that would be great. From personal experience, nothing is worse than seeing your parent badly burned or hurt from a plane (or any, I guess) wreck. This link has more details about it.


Some Major Events

This past weekend Jon's folks and Kris came down to hang with us and to attend Jon's White Coat ceremony. Well, we decided to start of the weekend with a bang by letting Nancy and Kerry watch the kids as Jon, Kris and I went to The Dave Matthews Band concert in the Woodlands! As always, the concert was amazing and I'm not even a true DMB fan! Jon and I post concert--they would not allow us to bring in camera's, and we were good and obeyed.
The three of us at the concert. I know it's blurry, but I thought it was the best one of the three of us. Yeah-Kris is shirtless. It was really hot even though it was outdoors and over at 11pm and rained like mad all day. Houson has fascinating weather.
For those that do not know, Teik's first name is Kristian, named after his uncle Kris. They even share the same initials KTO. The ironic thing is, he looks less like Kris than any of the other nieces and nephews have. Go figure.
So here are the boys. I just want you to take a close look at Teik. Um . . . he looks possessed. I was going to fix the red eyes, but it cracked me up that he looked like Jack Jack on the Incredibles.
Imagine this Jack Jack being angry--right before explosive firey Jack Jack.
Saturday they had a White Coat ceremony where they don the incoming dental class with their white coats. The speeches were fairly boring, but the history of the dental school and the medical area in Houston was really rad. You should google it. I thought Jon was HOT in his white coat! The cool thing was his fellow students who had family members that were dentists got to get their coats put on by them. One guys wife got to do the honors. The cutest in my opinion was a girl whose grandpa and sister did the honors. Very cool.
And here is Jon on the morning of his first day of dental school! He has to leave at like 7am, but luckily he just wears scrubs everyday, so it's not like he has to pick out an outfit. This picture also records the first day of my 4 year widowdom. I'm fortunate that he chose dental school and not medical school because 4 years is a lot better than 8!


Our New Favorite Spot

I love going through people's blogs, but always felt insanely jealous when I would see beach shots. Well, now we have our own beach to go to, and it's nothing fancy, but it's a beach! We went right after tropical storm Eduardo hit us and we still got some rain while we were out there, but it was a great day!

Sevy loves the water (I know, how gross does that water look, but it's warm!) and Jon loves the water, so the two of them have a lot of fun together out in the surf. Oh-please not Flo (the car). She was sacrificed to the beach gods on this trip because Sev loved to watch them float. Oh well, it was a McDonald's toy anyway, but still a favorite.

Daddy's girl!
Sevy in her own world!
Jon found a hermit crab and brought it on land to show Sevy. She liked to observe it from a distance, but did not like when Jon tried to show it up close.

Our little man in his make-shift beach tent. The funny thing was that he actually liked being under there for at least a little while.
Okay, not a cute picture of me, but Teikers is smiling! My mom worked on this the whole time she was in town, and he's smiling a little bit more every day!

My two little monkeys! Sevy loves to play and tickle Teik and she interacts with him like he actually responds. It hilarious in the car when he's sleeping and she's going after his feet yelling, "Teikers!" and cracking up. She's mommy's big helper and loves to hold and help him now and will even share her fishies with him!


Family, Blessing, Houston, etc

I know it's been forever since I updated, so here is the past few weeks in a nutshell. My family came down for Teik's blessing and surprised me by bringing two of my sisters! This was so fun and we had a blast shopping togethre (my poor dad!) and we took them out to Cadillac Ranch. My dad took a chunk of paint out of one of the cars and it was like 10 layers deep. Crazy!
Our family picture the day of the blessing. I realize you can't see Teiker's face, but at 3 weeks of age, he wasn't about to smile anyway.

The proud grandparents. For anyone who doesn't know, my parents are standing by Jon and his parents are by me. It was great to have both there!
Gran, Mom, and Grammy/Mimi.

This is Teik in his blessing outfit. We borrowed it from Torrie and I thought it was darling! He's doing his Napoleon Dynomite impression right here, but I thought it was quite the pose!

The cousins! There's Sevy with Teik, Drew, Nyah, Juliet, and Avery. Juliet is Brandi's little girl and I hadn't seen her since she was like 6 weeks old! Too cute!

Sevy loves her cousin's so one of the hardest things about leaving Amarillo was saying goodbye. She was spoiled having them so close and I feel bad every time she asks to play with Drew or Nyah. This was her goodbye to Drew her best friend.

We got to Houston and I got to see my house for the first time! Jon did good! We'll post pictures when it's actually set up. My mom stayed with us for two weeks and we got a lot done thanks to her! Jon became Mr. Fix-It and put up 4 ceiling fans and a garage door opener. Yes, I'm impressed also! We got Sevy a big-girl twinsize bed and she loves it and I think it's awesome! We got all crafty with flower arrangements and homemade pillows--when I finish those I'll post them! But, you would think we would get all unpacked having extra help, but no. We decided to see some of Houston with Mom. We hit up the Galleria, visited IKEA, and hit the Downtown Aquarium. In truth, the aquarium wasn't all that great, but Sevy loves fish and had a good time!

This was the Nemo tank. It had a clown fish and a Dory fish. Sevy was pointing saying "Nemo!"

We ventured out to Galveston to show my mom the beach. The first time Jon and I went out there we weren't too impressed, but this time we found a better beach and had a blast! The water is so warm and this beach had some nice sand!
Sevy and Gran playing in the water! Sevy loves her Gran!
Jon and I at the beach looking very beachish!

The sunbathed girlies on the day Mom had to leave. We all got a lot of sun on the beach! We were sad to have mom leave and have real life begin. I swear the kids could tell the minute she left and both threw huge fits. No one can calm Teik down like Gran, and Sevy only will listen to her grandparents! Oh well!