The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden

We've been very crafty Mormony-Mormons this week! This is just a recap: Saturday, I decided it was time to finish a big project I started Monday, and Jon decided it was time to fix our slightly crooked fence.
Yes, the project I started Monday was a garden! Here are my little tomato plants I had started indoors a couple of weeks ago and put in the ground Saturday.
Here is our little garden. See that pile of sod? That's one of two. My family is skilled in a few random things--sodding is one of them. Tearing up sod, on the other hand, was probably the worse experience of my life! It took me 3 hours to do and 2 days to get over my aching muscles! Then, because the ground is so awesomely claylike, I (with the help of Jon this time) made a little wall to do it slightly above ground. Then we filled it up with soil and voila! We planted corn, onions, red potatoes, carrots, peas, artichokes, radishes, grape tomatoes, and strawberries! The galvenized tubs on the side were my previous garden. They did a good job with tomatoes and peas, but we wanted to go bigger. I planted awesome flowers in them, so I hope they turn out!
I also made a quilt this week for my Mom's birthday! (It's on Wednesday!) This is my favorite part of the quilt. I know, a little bit kiddish, but I loved the colors and the fabrics!
Here is a picture of basically the whole thing. My mom gave me an awesome sewing machine for my birthday and it comes with a quilting foot that I've been aching to try out. Very fun, but I may be sticking to baby quilts after this one! (This one was just a little bit smaller than a twin size.)
And that's our crafty crafty week! I'm excited to see if our garden turns out! I planted some peas in December that I get to snack on now, so I'm hoping we hit it early enough before the heat comes!


2010: Why do you hate us?

Needless to say, this year has been pretty crappy. Well, maybe just January, and we are still getting the reprocussions from it. So, we just ordered Vonage. For the first time in our married lives, we are going to have a home phone. Why? you ask. Well, because our last cell phone bill was $250. What the?!? Why so high? you ask. Funnily enough, it was because we were constantly on the phone dealing with the rest of the crap happening to us (doctors, insurance, afaa, kmart--don't even get me started). We'll let ya'll know when we get our Vonage stuff and set it up. It should be interesting, but it's so we can use our home phone instead of our cell phones for all the church stuff, and random 1800 numbers we have to call to get our life back in working order.


My First Real Ride!

I finished my first real bikeride today! I went 48 miles!!! Read about it HERE! (It's my bike riding blog). And remember, if you want to help me raise money to find the cure for MS, go HERE! (It's my website for the MS 150)!