Back to Normal Life

Now that we have baby home, we've pretty much gotten back to normal life.  Sevy has been enjoying having baby brother home and has been Mommy's big helper.  She wouldn't touch him at the hospital, but now she tries to hold him on her own.  Yes, this is very scary for us!  She now is excellent at riding her cousin Nyah's little tricycle.  She enjoys riding it around the house or we'll go outside and I'll walk while she rides.  She looks like such a big girl on it!  She even likes to bring Moo Cow on rides with her.  

Sevy has also been spending a lot of time with her cousins and loves them so much.  It's a daily occurance to hear her beg to play with Drew or Avery 
or Nyah!  

It's been well known that Sevy does not like fire and last year on the fourth of July fireworks were just a bad idea.  This year proved to be no different.  While it 
still light, we played with firecrackers in the backyard and while we were just throwing poppers, she loved it, but when we broke out the real things, 
she ran 
straight for the door.  We then went over to watch Amarillo's firework show and we were actually really far away and she just sat on Jon's lap and hid her face in his chest the whole time. 
 She did jump up and try to run for a random house, but we got her to sit for the remainder of the show.  I hope she grows out of that one of these years!

Little Teikers is growing so fast though.  I can't believe it's already been over two weeks and I can't even imagine how he fit in me!  He really is just a pile of mush, but he smiles (I don't believe it's just gas) and he sleeps pretty decently most nights.  He even gave us a 6 hour stint the other night.  Of course, I woke up after 5 hours and tried to will him awake because I was so freaked out that he slept that long.  He's a good kid and we love having him in our family!