A Bubble Baby and a Garden

So, without a doubt, Jon and I lead the most exciting lives! Insomuch that we get our kicks by dressing our baby girl up in bubbles and setting her loose in the house. Her walking has improved so much this week that it's now basically all she does, and so she loves her new found freedom to roam! She now also loves bubbles, and the two things together were a laugh riot!
For F.H.E. tonight, Jon and I decided we were going to plant our garden. This is tricky business living in an upstair apartment, so we made due with what we could. We are hoping in a few months we will have tomatoes and peas. We figured those our two things we could grow in our limited space, and the two things that we love to munch on (well, Jon likes tomatoes and I like peas!). We split it half and half and will let you know in a couple of months if it worked out or if the birds who live outside our apartment got to them first. At least we know we can save them from the weather if we need too. That's a bonus! We also have no idea what we are doing, so it is a great experiment!


Chuck E. Cheese and the Easter Bunny

Last weekend we went up to Amarillo for Easter. Friday night we took the kiddo's to Chuck E. Cheeses and it was so fun. We didn't have to pay to get in and all the rides and games were a quarter. I think the adults had as much if not more fun than the kids! (This fact was proven when Uncle Brent won like 600 of the 700 tickets we won for the kids!)
Sunday the Easter Bunny came and the kids had fun finding all the "hidden" eggs. We had to do the hunt indoors because it was FREEZING that day, but they had fun anyway! Sevy did pretty good picking up and stickin' eggs in her basket, and Nyah did a good job taking Sevy's basket away! Oh well! Sevy didn't know what was going on anyway, and just liked to shake her cheerio filled eggs!



Jon is the Hero of the year! (at least in our little family). We all know that Sevy LOVES her binky. It's the cutest curse ever, and I'm pretty sure she got it from me, but whatever. So, a while back she was due for some new binky's. We found these super cute Mam Air things which were clear and pink, and so we bought them. Instant success with Sevy. A few weeks later we some some more in a different color and figured we would get them too, as back ups. You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Well, Sevy didn't care for these new ones.

After some time, Sevy wouldn't take anything but these two binky's and sadly one day we lost one. More time passed and we protected this last binky like gold, but it was high time it got chucked, so we tried other binky's. Sevy wouldn't have it. We searched every Walmart, and Target in our town (there's a surprising lot) we couldn't find any Mam Air's anywhere. We then went online to look. There were nowhere to be found, until we noticed a bid for them on ebay. After a bid war, we won the binky's and they were sent a few days later. Our prayers were answered. Except, these binky's weren't exactly the same. Oh, they looked the same, but Sevy wouldn't have it. After closer examination we noticed the nipple size were completely different. More internet research and we learned Sevy's beloved binky's were called Mam Maxi Air. They are for ages 16-36 months and NOT sold in the U.S. I emailed the company and got a response from their U.S. branch insisting that our binky's were not mispackaged like we believe and just swollen because they do not sell those type of binky's in the U.S. I called and ended up talking to the same lady that emailed me and she once again insisted that their was no way our binky was the bigger binky sold in Europe, and there was no way I could get those exact binky's. (Unless I was desperate enough to pay for international shipping and guessing at a mysterious foreign language to purchase the things.)

Well, we became desperate. We have now tried every different binky in every size imaginable and to no avail. I've tried to wean her but she screams bloody murder for HOURS if she doesn't have her binky to go to sleep. Her one lasting binky was disgusting and I had turned the house upside down trying to locate the lost one. This is where Jon the hero comes in. Yesterday after one last search at a couple of Walgreen's and a Walmart, I bought one last package of binky's we had yet to try, and declared myself done. I had given up. That night Jon and Sevy were playing catch (my daughter is a genius) when the ball rolled under the bed. Jon went to grab it and had the thought to look through some of the boxes we have stashed under there, when lo and behold HE FOUND THE MISSING BINKY! We were both ridiculously elated. We just pray we can now slowly wean her before this last binky is shot, otherwise, we are doomed again in a month or two.


Sevy's Official Birthday Party!

So, Sunday we had the official birthday party for Sevryn. Jon's family came down and we had dinner, and presents, and cake, and the works. I tried my skill at cake decorating and it was quite interesting, but for a first birthday, it worked! We made Sevy her own little cake to attack and we really thought she would go crazy, but instead she just stared at it. Her cousin Nyah attacked it for her and then shared with Sevy, even feeding her! It was so cute! The cousins had a fun time playing outside and sharing toys and pushing everything they could!