The Baby Quilt Rough Draft

I've gotten very homemakey lately and decided after I found out I was having a boy, that I wanted to make a quilt! Thankfully, a lot of my friends and family were willing to help out and make airplane blocks to go into it! All that I have received are totally unique and just fun and I finally found a pattern to tie it all together and went crazy yesterday putting it in motion! So, here is the rough draft! I'm still short a few airplanes, but all of the pinwheels are done! I made them with flannel, so it'll be really soft! I'm going to border the whole blanket with a thin navy blue, then a thick airplane pattern, and then the edge and the back will be red (the back may be striped with the other pinwheel colors, I haven't decided yet). It turned out a lot larger than I originally planned, but I didn't have a real plan anyway, so this works out! I also found cute shark flannel that I'm going to make a rag quilt out of for baby in honor of Jon! I had all the blocks cut out for that which I ended up using as the pinwheels! Go figure! I just need to get this thing done a) before we move, b) before I change my mind again, and c) before I lose my motivation to finish it!


Ode to Mom

I was just reading my friend Jaidi's blog about dandelion's and her mom and this week I totally had a moment where all I could think about was my Mom. The reason you ask? Water aerobics. My Mom has gone to and taught water aerobics longer than I probably have been alive. It still makes me sad knowing I only went to a handful of her classes (they were REALLY early) and everytime, she totally kicked my butt! So, since I'm pregnant, I've been told water aerobics is the best workout. That is why Monday night I went to Aqua Attack. Now I'm a vain person who considers myself still in excellent shape thanks to my x-biking class that I'm still teaching. My vanity has been stripped away now. That class kicked my butt! I even took it fairly easy because, hello, way pregnant here. After I left, all I could think about was my Mom who will always be able to kick our butts in anything water related and still has the best legs of the family! So for you Mom . . . you rock! Maybe one day I can go to a water aerobics class and not want to pass out halfway through! Love ya!