Updating the Blog

For starters, I just have to say I'm a total hypocrit. I look at other blogs and wonder why people haven't updated yet because it has been like two weeks, and then I pull the same crap. Go figure!

Life for the Ormson clan has been busy at best. Jon has just started school again and is trying to get back into that schedule of all school all the time. Sevy and I are adjusting from working all summer, to spastically working here and there. I'm still working both jobs, but less hours at the eye doctor's--this is because Jon is gone more often with school and there goes my babysitter! At the gym I'm still teaching a kidfit class Monday mornings, youth kickboxing Monday nights, I'm subbing for a Mom'n'Me class the next couple of weeks, and I may be picking up an adult X-Biking class twice a week. Crazy! This keeps us busy!

Sevy is growing like mad! Every day seems like something new with her. Her vocabulary is limited and I think this is hard for her so she's gotten into the habit of yelling "Uh!" to get our attention. It's not going as well as she probably hoped for! She's also is becoming an accomplished climber. Nothing is safe anymore. She can get onto any chair in our house including her high chair. She climbs into the car by herself, which is heaven sent because she is not exactly a light chicken and my back is breaking! She's a total girl in the fact that she loves to pull out shoes for me or herself to wear and astonishling, they are always a matching pair. I don't know where this talent came from because anyone who knows me knows I'm coordinatingly challenged! We are also venturing to potty train her. Slow and steady is our idea. She loves to sit on her potty, but nothing happens when she does. Oh well! We are in no big rush and she is still super young, but boy would it be nice!

This Labor Day weekend we went up to Amarillo to the blessing of our newest cousin Avery McKay Dance. She is a cutie! The whole family was in town so it was a real treat! We took advantage of the nice weather and extra bodies and played tennis at a really nice (in my opinion) tennis center. It was super fun! There weren't too many people so Sevy could wander around and still be locked in near us! She makes the most excellent ball caddy and loved to run around throwing and chasing everything she could. Jon even helped her play a little tennis. She really liked that! She also enjoyed spending time with her cousins. She's shot up and so is now basically the same size as her cousin Nyah, just not as good on her feet! They liked to run around together and we all tried to keep them from killing each other with super chokehold hugs!

That's basically our life as of late in a nutshell. This last picture I just thought was cute. I gave Sevy chocolate pudding the other day and she did really good eating it at first, and then like all things, it just ended up all over her tray and her body! She was loving it! Nothing like a big mess to make a kid happy! That's all!