The Joy of Painting (pictures to come)

I just finished painting the kids' room and I'm exhausted! It was a two day event, and my hands are totally blistered. It's funny though because I grew up painting everything from metal, wood fences, and even a billboard, but painting this room knocked me out. I don't think the rest of our house is going to get any color unless Jon can help me! Dang textured walls.


Crafty Crafty

I've been in a crafting mood this week thanks to an old roomies blog! This is what I've been up to: These little flowers just clip in the hair. Super cute as a single, or bunched up.
I put these on elastic bands to dazzle up any ponytail (a style we are constantly wearing in my house!)

And of course, a headband. This is cute doubled up too. Sevy is too fun to doll up.

Last night I made a bunch of crayon rolls too. They are perfect for church, and I have lots of cute fabric remnants that make some cute rolls!

So here is my question to the masses. Has anyone tried selling stuff on Etsy? I've been thinking about it, since I have a lot of random crap I make in the bunches, but don't know if it would be worth it. Let me know your thoughts!


Poor Sick Sevy and Pictures that make me smile!

No, this is not a picture of Sevy puking. This is Sevy sleeping on the toilet. Sevy is sick, and it is so sad. She sleeps all the time and gets up to puke in the toilet (yes, my three year old is so good that she gets up to puke in the bathroom!) Most the time she just falls asleep right there on the toilet (as in the picture) or curls up on a towel on the floor. She has an appointment this afternoon so hopefully we can get her feeling better. Sick Sevy's are no fun.
Kerry and Nancy came into town for Labor Day weekend and we had a blast with them here! Of course we had to go to the beach--which the kids just love.This is in the Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens in Galveston. It was very exotic inside.
We went to the aquarium at Moody Gardens also. Always a favorite in our family!
This is the picture from Sevy's first day of pre-school! She was so excited! Yesterday was the saddest thing ever because she got dressed to go to school and then I had to break the news to her that we were skipping it because she was sick. She was so sad.
Teik's new favorite toy is the garbage lid. I'm glad I clorox this thing often, because when he gets his hands on it, he'll play for about an hour-opening and closing the lid and then sitting inside!
My little budda-baby! This is from yet another trip to the beach, but honestly, how relaxed does he look!
We LOVE Chick-a-Lay! (chick-fil-a) So of course when they had a "dress like a cow and get free food" we were totally there! Here are my little cows! We got free kids meals thanks to these shirts and ears!
Sevy eating ice cream. Yes, she picked the psychodelic blue flavor herself.
Pucker up! Who wouldn't want to kiss these two!


Sevy Started School Today!

My little girl is all grown up and started school today! Okay, so it's just pre-school, but she was so excited once she figured out school wasn't the gym! When I picked her up she told be all about her snacks of apples, how she wrote her name, and how she has new friends and likes her teacher! I'm excited to send her somewhere with kids her own age and religion, with a teacher that's not me!

(note: I did take a picture of Sevy today. This is not it. My card reader wouldn't cooperate.)