Our Latest Adventures

Sevryn and I took our first "Girl's Only" trip and it was quite the adventure. We started off in SLC with my sister Candice and met new cousin Sarah, took walks downtown, and Sevy even climbed the temple steps to the door and thought that was pretty neat! The weather was gorgeous and it was great to be in the sun.

For Mother's Day weekend, Brandi, Candi, Elayna and I traveled up to Rexburg to spend the weekend with Mom! Jaclyn already lives up there so it was so fun to have all of us girls up there and Dad even surprised us all with flowers at lunch! So cute! It was our first official Mother's Day that all of us were actually Mom's!

We took advantage of our time in Rexburg taking bike rides and going to gymnastics with Lleida. We were able to see our friends Kyle and Jessica, and Jenni and Payton--Sevy's betrothed. He is just too cute. They had so much fun playing together. Mom, Jac, Lleida and us went up to Jackson Hole for a day and did a nice girl's day shopping trip. The trip proved to be successful with Mom finding way cute capri's, Jaclyn finding a great ring, and me finding my flip flops! We were all stoked! Jackson is one of my favorite places! It's just so beautiful up there and the town is great and just so fun to walk around.

We eventually made our way back to Utah for the primary reason for our trip. Rachel Wiscombe's marriage to Travis Porter. It was so fun to see Rachel and Charla and Jade. The wedding was just fantastic and Rachel looked amazing in the raddest dress! Sevy came along for the wedding and had fun playing with Rachel's sis Katie. She had fun running around the temple grounds (we were at the Bountiful temple) and trying to play in the water. Kristen came to join us for the reception and of course Sevy took a liking to her! Sevy loved Charla and Jade so much too. So fun!

We spent our last few day's hanging out at Brandi's and catching up with friends and family. It was so nice and relaxed and just great to see friends like Skye who we hadn't seen forever! We even managed to go to the coolest art show in Salt Lake of this old house that they are going to tear down so they let all these artists come in and go crazy. It was so stinkin' cool! We really had a great trip, but it was good to come home and see Jon again. He was lonely by himself--and we missed him way too much!