Random Thoughts

Just a few random tidbits on my mind.  I spent the first part of December in Idaho and loved the snow and the family time.  (I promise I'll post pictures one day).  Candice and Sarah spent the better part of the time with us and it was fun seeing the interaction between Sevy and Sarah only being a year apart!  We were there for Shawn's and Candi's birthdays and had a party for all of us (December is a big month for our family)!  Talking to Candice is like playing 20 questions and I realized I need to do that more.  She asks question after question to get to know me even though we've been sister's for almost 27 years.  I've decided I need to ask people more questions to get to know them better.  I enjoy answering questions, and love to hear other people's stories.  Maybe I'll add it to my New Years Resolutions list.

Another thing I've come to realize is just how cool my cousins are.  I think I have overly creative, artistic, and freakin' awesome cousins.  If you don't believe me, just check out some of their links under my "family" lists.  They are creating records, are on itunes, amazing photographers, talented chef wannabes, awesome ad campaigns makers, competing in races (and winning!), and are story tellers to boot.  I just learned how to make my blogpage snow thanks to my cousin's blog!  Family reunions are a riot, and I'm sad that I've missed out on the past few.  Basically, what I'm trying to say is that my family's got skill.

I'm also excited to share that I'm famous!  Okay, not really, but I'm in a magazine!  My immediate family has a few published bragging rights.  My Mom was Miss December in the Diet Center Calendar when we were kids.  My Dad was a centerfold (not that kind--ya sickos) in a German magazine with his T-28.  And now I'm on the list with my photo in Self Magazine in the January issue (page 68).  Self is my favorite magazine and they had a thing to write in on how they helped you lose weight.  I sent my story in and voila!  The picture and quote are totally nerdy, but I'm excited.  Be sure to check it out!

I'm thinking of sending Chinese New Years cards out this year since I failed once again at Christmas cards.  If you are interested in receiving one, be sure to post your address!

We are now in Amarillo to spend Christmas with Jon's family.  Everyone will be here so it should be really fun.  They just did a home makeover on basically the majority of the house and it's amazing!  The kitchen is any chefs dream!  (Once again, I'll post pictures sometime).  Sevy is loving her cousin time again and it's going to be hard going back to Houston after all the time she's had with ALL her cousin's this month!  Hopefully I'll get some photos downloaded.  Until then, Merry Christmas!  


The Lights at Temple Square

We've made it to Utah and to start things off we went to see the lights on Temple Square!  I hadn't seen them since I was pregnant with Sevy and they are just amazing!  We went early enough (and in the middle of the week) that we missed any crowds and were there early enough to see them come on! Very awesome!

Sevy taking care of Teikers on the plane.
Aunt Candi and cousin Sarah.
Orange lights (Teik is the bundle in front of me!)
Salt Lake City temple at sunset.
Flollowing the leader.
A family shot!
Go figure yhough.  The day we get into Utah, it's snowing in Houston!



Quick update and lots of photos! My parents came down for Thanksgiving and we were so excited to have them here!
We went to the zoo-one of Sevy's favorite places--and she rode around on Pappa's shoulders the whole time. The best part is when she basically fell asleep up there! Too cute!
Teik enjoyed just chillin' with Pappa on the couch!

He was also a huge fan of Gran!
Okay, I just love this picture of Sevy! I had braided her hair and she looked like such a big girl to me!
Just another random happy shot of Sevy! We just love it when she smiles AND looks at the camera. It's rare indeed!
Saturday I had a bunch of workshops for my job at the gym so Jon had the kiddos all day. This is how I found Teikers! Sevy had put his hat on him and he was just chillin'!
Sevy liked climbing up and down the stairs to the plane when Mom and Dad left, but freaked out when she thought she was going with them! She is such a two year old. Since then she's been begging for an airplane ride!

We went down to Galveston with my parents and it was interesting to see what damage there was. It was bad, but I expected worse. The water was really low, but we had fun dipping our toes in the water and finding seashells!
This is our attempt at a family photo. We never managed to get everyone looking and happy, but at least all our faces are in the right direction!

This is a close-up of one of the shots. I just love the look Sevy is giving Teik! She loves him so much and no one can make him laugh harder!
Teik has found his toes and I LOVE it! I love this picture because his eyes make him look like I busted him eating his toes!

That's are random update! I'm heading up to Idaho on Wednesday with the kids and then we are off to Amarillo for Texas, so I'll probably update this again in a month! Happy Holidays!