Snowcones and Splashparks

Sorry, no pictures for this one. Today was the ultimate summer day. With Jon being gone, I have no desire to be home, so we have spent a lot of time at the various parks around here. Today we went to the Centenial Park splashpad and ate a yummy strawberry snowcone which I have been craving for years here in Texas, and Sevy played in the water, I basked in the sun, and Teik drank his juicebox! It was a good afternoon! After a nap and some lunch at home, we ventured out to Wallyworld to pick up some needed diapers, and refill our water jug, which I managed to leave in the cart I traded right as we walked in because of technical difficulties. There's a good jug wasted because naturally, when I realized I forgot it, it was already gone. I'm never going to attempt to get water by myself with the kids again. Too much to juggle. Anyhoo, we then hit up McDee's for some Happymeals, and then to Southdown park to have a picnic! To give you an idea of our past week, it looked a little like this:

Sun-neighborhood park
Tues-Centenial Park
Wed-Southdown park
Fri-Zoo, and then Southdown Park (for concert in the park)
Sat-Centenial Park and Southdown Park

Yeah, we like us some park action. It's already sooo hot, that it's the best way to cool the kiddos down. Bless the person who came up with splashparks!


Just some pictures

So these a pretty much for Jon since he's GOT to be missing the kiddos by now! Here are just some of our recent adventures. Nothing too new, but they are fun.

Sevy and Teik at the beach. Teik loves the water, as does Sevy.

Sevy posing in the water. What a dollface.

Sevy has been pretty helpful lately, which is good, or else I would be pulling my hair out. Teik has been another story. He's recently turned needy, but also snuggly. He loves stuffed animals now and cuddles them. On top of that, he now has a new girlfriend at the gym in which he planted a big wet one on the other day. Yup, definitely an Ormson! (ha ha Jon!)

"I've got a bucket on my head but don't call me a buckethead." So this is probably a repeat picture, but it makes me smile every time I see it. My daughter is crazy. That's all there is to it. And somehow I lost the top of that swimsuit which is driving me insane. I love that suit.

So, I know I posted before about our failed Halloween attempts, so of course NOW Sevy loves to dress up. And since she was so cute, we decided to dress Teiker's up in what he was suppose to wear for Halloween, which never happened thanks to the "dragon/fairy" disaster of '08. (Check out October's/Early November's post if you missed the disaster. I'm sure I posted pictures.) Aren't they adorable?!


What We Like About Houston

I'm not the most optimistic person about Houston, or Texas for that matter, so I decided it was high time I made a list of some of my favorite things about Houston.The Beach: Never in my life have I lived 45 minutes to a beach. It's awesome for an afternoon of mini vacation. The kids LOVE it, I LOVE it, and Jon LOVES it. How can you go wrong?!
Real Sporting Events: We have real teams here! We went to an Astros game about a month ago and sure we sat in basically the highest/steepest/scariest seats possible, but we were there for a real game and the hot guy from Desperate Housewives threw the starting pitch. Very cool.
Our Friends: Basically friends make a world of difference when you live so many miles away from family. We have had the oppertunity to meet some of the greatest people here. Our best friends the Polls (Sevy's BFF Kenzi) just moved away from us to start real life back in Utah. Just looking through our pictures with them, we've gone through a lot together. We camped out together during the aftermath of Ike. Jeni and I took the kids to the park, "Chickalay", the mall, or each other's houses basically every day. We had mulitple Sunday dinners, date nights, and game nights with this family. We also had another slumber party with them when they were homeless and ready to leave Texas. It was like girls camp all over again as we played games until way late, and then Jeni and I stayed up talking until way too early in morning! We've been blessed to have the Talbot's here with us still! They are the greatest and love to play games as much as we do, and love the beach as much as we do, and are willing to help at the drop of a hat. How bleesed are we!The Branch: I know we talk about and frankly complain about the Branch all the time, but really, it's what makes our Houston experience a true experience. This is a picture from our Memorial Day Barbeque. This is basically everyone who comes to church minus the Boston girls, and there are a couple of random people in the photo who just come for the food (which was GOOD!) The big kid in front is Timmy who I always have stories about, and all the younger kids are my primary! The building behind us is where we go to church. Like I said, an experience.Awesome Parks: I don't know what I would do if it were not for awesome parks that usually have a splash pad. Sevy could go every day and never get bored. This is the beloved Kenzi. Sevy's BFF. She asks to go to her house every day, and now that I answer that Kenzi lives in Utah, she wants to go to Utah every day.

There's just a few of the things we love about Houston. Not listed are: Ikea, LA Fitness, Pearland's Chick-fil-a (they have the nicest ladies who come around personally to refill your drinks, always respond "my pleasure" and really make you feel like it was their pleasure!), Queen's Bar-b-que, The Galleria, and Gringo's. Doesn't this make you want to come visit?!