Teiker's bringing Sexy back!

Jon won't let me cut his hair. Honestly.
A boy and his fish.
Um, I ignored him too long after lunch.
Sevy at the pumpkin patch. Teik was not happy to be there, so I didn't include his picture. (It was sad).


Project Central

Conference weekend always turns to a major crafting weekend for me. Staying busy helps me pay better attention! So, thanks to all that, many a project of mine has been completed. Here are a few that I've been working on this week and finished this weekend! For starters, the kids' room is now basically finished with the decorating, so here it is: The reading corner. The blue comes out really bright here, but it's not overly bright, but it is. Does that even make sense?!
This isn't a permanent fixture. I'm debating between keeping these cubbies for toys, or putting in a bookshelf since it's right next to the reading corner. Oh, the tree on the wall is an idea I stole from Pottery Barn Kids. My friend Jeni mention hot glueing soda tabs to the back to hang it, so it's finally up a year later!
Yeah, that's Teik sleeping while I'm taking pictures. We have a few Hockey themed stuff for him, not pictured is a cute hockey coat hanger that my mom got for him that just needs to be hung. That's a job for Jon.Here's Sevy's corner. My friend Jill helped me with the decorating placement of everything. I quite like how it turned out!
Jon and I made the shadow boxes, and Sevy picked out the flowers, picked the colors for the letters, and painted her bird house. I modpodged the letters last night at our Priesthood meeting girls craft night event.
This is the quilt I made for Sevy this spring/summer. The colors are crazy enough that any color scheme goes!
I just finished this quilt this morning for our friend's the Martin's. It's like a rag quilt, and thanks to my moody sewing machine, I hand-quilted it, and hand-stitched the binding. I think it turned out mighty cute!These are the flower hair things my old roommate makes! She posted a tutorial for me. I love them and they are quite addicting to make!
Well, for the afternoon session I plan on working on Sevy's Halloween costume and cleaning up my various crafting messes. Maybe I'll sketch out Teik's costume too. More pictures to come!