So, Sevy keeps life entertaining. Like today. The house got quiet for a bit and then I heard some giggling and clanking. I walk into the kitchen to find what? Oh yes! Sevy figured out how to open our dishwasher and climbed right in! She was having a blast with the silverwear! If our little apartment lives to see us move out, there is no way we are getting our deposit back! Life with a toddler is just one adventure after another!


Our Garden Updated and What was I thinking?!?

We really don't have much to report this week so I thought I would give ya'll an update on our little garden. Well, it's growing--kind of. My peas grew fast and then due to our Texas heat, they are swiftly dying. Jon's tomatoes took longer to grow, and so they are still small, but remarkably still alive! That's always good. Maybe in a year one or the other will yield something yummy. But, there are always Farmer's Markets if all else fails.

In other news . . . In my "What was I thinking?" segment of this blog I just wanted to let ya'll know that I started working at the eye doctor's office again. I know. What am I thinking?!? This is the same place that about killed me mentally while I was pregnant and I went back??? The truth of the matter is that I'm a sucker. The doctor called me personally and asked for help and I cannot NOT help if someone asks. It's just not in me. So, I'm working there again, but the good news is it's on my terms. I only work if Jon is home to watch Sevy, and that leads to only working like 10-15 hours a week, which I can handle. The nice thing is we get our discount again which is badly needed when we both wear contacts! It's just as insane there as when I worked before, but we'll see if I can last!


Daddy's Day!

What an exciting 2nd Daddy's Day for Jon! Okay, it really wasn't . . . but what else's new! We did celebrate by making him a new baby onesie for Sevy to wear displaying that she is "Daddy's Girl!" He also got Simpson's season 9, and sour candy (his favorite). We spent the day teaching Sunbeams and housesitting. We do plan on having spaghetti for dinner though, a special treat for Jon.

What did make this weekend fun was the fact that Sevy's cousin Nyah came to town with her parents. We had fun swimming and the girls love to play together/fight each other. Nyah is so lovey and Sevy freaks out. It's highly entertaining!

Sevy has a new favorite thing to do. Jon will throw her into the air and onto the LoveSac and she freaks out loves it! She's gotten good at climbing up it and down it and just lounge in it! It's good to know that our only furniture when we first got married is now entertainment for our child!


Swimmer Girl

We totally lucked out this summer with me getting a job at our gym! The luck is, our gym has like the best pool this town has to offer for little tykes. It's so great--they have a huge covered pool that's only 1' deep and has slides, and hoses, and things to climb, and all sorts of stuff kids love. We've taken Sevy there a few times now, and after she gets use to the noise, she loves it! She loves to walk around in the water and even enjoyed us taking her down slides. There is also an outdoor pool that Sevy likes to float around in and splash and kick around. Sevy looks dashing in her little swim suits and her awesome florescent ear plugs (thanks to those tubes), and we got her awesome bright pool shoes to match the plugs. She's totally the complete package!

Sevy also has recently turned to such a girly girl. She loves to stick anything around her wrists and swish them around. Whether it's stacking donuts, toy chain links, hair dillies, or actual bracelets, she is sure to stick them on and show them off!
She also has discovered the joys of Mommy's waterbottle and constantly looks like she has gotten stuck in a rainstorm. Oh well! She's growing up so fast and is running like crazy. She has all the bumps and bruises to prove it!



So right after Sevy and I got back from Idaho/Utah, we were off to Colorado with Jon's family. It had snowed like 10 inches the week we got up there so it was a huge difference from the summer heat we had been experiencing. Luckily for us, it did heat up in the day so we didn't freeze.

It turned out to be quite a momentous weekend for Sevy. She was able to fish for the first time--and as it turns out, Jon is quite the fisherman. It's a shame neither of us like fish because we really could have been well-fed after he got done. Unfortunetely, after Jon caught his first fish, Sevy ran over to see it and her being such a pro walker, she face planted it right in front of all the boys. They all just stared at her with her face in the mud. (I did add a picture of that in this blog--it's quite awesome!) Poor Sev!
Sevy also got to ride a horse for the first time. That was so fun! Grammy, Bridget and Nyah, Zane, myself and Sevy took off for an hour trip, and it was probably a good thing it wasn't any longer. Sevy freaked out at the beginning, and then knocked out. I couldn't believe that girl could sleep through a rocky trail and trotting, but she did. By the time she woke up, we were basically done with the ride and she actually began to enjoy herself. They stuck us on the biggest horse they had. It's name was "Biggin'" and we were lucky he was nice because it would have been quite the fall off of him!
We went into this tiny town called Creed that is trying to become the next Sundance or Jackson Hole, (but it's not quite making it yet). The town is rad in that it is an old mining town. If you go up into the canyon, you can see a lot of the old mine shafts and the craziest buildings that you would not believe are still standing. They are from the late 1800's and it shows. It's a gorgeous drive and one of those that you ache to have a Jeep for. But Jon and I ache to have a Jeep for anything! The town is your typical "main street only" town, but they did have some cool shops and we did find the coolest sign on a store that I have ever seen. We've also included that on this blog for your enjoyment! I did find an awesome art gallery that is run by a husband and wife. He makes the jewelry and she does the artwork. I bought--what I consider to be--a rad ring from them because I'm utterly obsessed with handmade rings when the maker is right there.

The trip was awesome and badly needed for Jon who had just taken the DAT (he did great by the way!) We got our fill of mountains, waterfall, lakes, rivers, scenery, and basic beauty that will hopefully keep us happy for a few months. Then we'll have to plan another trip somewhere to get some good views again! Lubbock is a great place to live, but it really does lack in any sort of beauty.