Poor Sick Sevy Again

Poor Sevy has gotten sick again. The poor thing has had a fever all week and just sleeps. She has an ear infection and it's really been the saddest thing to see her just moan and cuddle and sleep and then repeats. She has no appetite and it's been really hard to see her so sick, but she is so cute when she sleeps!
This is Sevy's new favorite place to play. She takes out the brown sugar and the popcorn seeds and sits in our cubbard next to the flour! She sticks her toys in there and her bottles in there, and tries shutting herself into it! That's my girl!


I'm Retarded

Due to vanity and jealousy of other peoples blogs, I've changed mine and as a result lost all links I had attached. So, if anyone notices that once upon a time you were on my blog link list and now you are not, please send me your link. I've tried my best to get back most, but I'm likely still missing some. Thanks so much!


Da da da daaa, da da da da da DAAAAAAAA!

JON GOT INTO DENTAL SCHOOL AT HOUSTON! We now officially have some sort of plan for next year! We haven't heard from San Antonio yet, and are still hoping for choices, but to get into at least one is an answer to so many prayers! We just thought we would share the good news!