March Madness

Lots of fun things have been going on this month here in the Ormson home! Here's just a few of the many adventures!For Jon's Spring break we took our adventures up to Amarillo/Lubbock to see family and talk to a few Dentists. On our way we passed these AWESOME signs and had to stop!I don't care that I don't like pecans, put my name on a building and I'm all about a picture!
While we were in Amarillo, we hit up Cadillac Ranch. As per tradition, we wrote our names down in pen.
The family. One day we'll actually take a "real" family photo!
Sevy kept picking up all the spray cans she found and tried to make her mark. Apparently all the spray-painting I do at home is rubbing off on her!
On our way to and from Amarillo, we hit up Sea World! Sevy is now a big fan of roller-coasters now which makes these trips even more fun!
While at the "Shamu Rocks" show, Jon insisted on the splash zone. When that time came, I pulled a true mom and ran for dry ground! When I came down, both kids were screaming. You can tell by the picture that Sevy didn't get over it quickly!There's a new area that's all about Sesame Street! We took pictures with many of our favorite characters! Teik was not a fan of these guys, but he got better the more we saw!The count is probably MY favorite from Sesame street! I think he's trying to give a thumbs up!Belle has needed a hair trim, but when I took her to the groomers, it was worse than I thought!Here is Belle after the cut. They had to shave her! I didn't recognize! I still crack up, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be!Sevy turns 5 on Sunday, and this year she wanted her first "girly" birthday party! We had her two little girly-friends over and had Sevy's Fairyland in our backyard!We decorated our tent in the backyard with butterflies and these flower-lights I've fallen in LOVE with! Thanks again to my friend Julie who came to help decorate!This is part of the lunch they had! I loved how everything turned out, and I think the girls had fun. Sevy did at least! I still can't believe my little girl is going to be FIVE!


Our Crazy Life

Our life has been a little crazy lately! I like to use that as the excuse for being so behind on updating our blog. Here's the rundown for basically February. One night, while getting the kids ready for bed, Teik was running around like a crazy person. We heard a huge wood-splitting crack, and this is what happened.
Of course they didn't see us for hours in the E.R., so Teik knocked out, and I curled up on the chair trying to get some sleep. In the end, they put a little vaseline on his cut and sent us on our way. I was mad. I could have done that at home. Less than two weeks later we were back at the E.R. with Teik. This time he was running around like crazy, bounced off the couch and straight into the corner of our Ikea coffee-table. Jon took him that time. He got a CT scan, but thankfully checked out alright. Boys.
My sisters came to visit in February! It was a BLAST! Have I ever mentioned how much I love my sisters?! We went shopping (3 of the 4 shirts in the picture were purchased on the trip!), and crafted, and went to Galveston, and just chatted and hung out!
This is a funny store we found in Galveston. I always just go to the beach, but we were touristy and walked around The Strand. Jaclyn found a sweet ring at "The Witchery", and now I know where to go if I ever need to buy a cauldron, or need my palm read!
We had our final farewell party for our dear friends the Martinez's! We really are excited for their new job, and I'm also super excited that they have relocated super close to the temple! Now we can see our friends, and go to the temple in a single trip! Primary really hasn't been the same without them!
And finally, guess who's now about 14 weeks pregnant?! We are super excited, but it has added to the craziness of our lives thanks to being super sick, tired, and busy! Bless Jon for being totally fine with eating chips and hot sauce almost nightly for dinner, and for Sevy who is convinced that I will never get better, and doesn't understand why I get so sick making a baby, but Aunt Brandi is fine! Ahh, gotta love kiddos!