Weather Sadness and Ill Behavior

The weather here in Lubbock is killing me! It is 72 degrees outside today. Gorgeous right? No! Because we have 20-45 mph wind attacking us. I thought Sevy and I were going to be blown away as we ran errands today (seriously, Sevy was blown down!). It's ridiculous. I just want to take her to the park and enjoy the beautiful warmth, but no. And tomorrow is suppose to be back in the 50's and sunny. I just can't win!

I've also decided that I'm not good at this pregnancy game at all. I think I've turned psycho! Jon had a stupid review for school yesterday (this is what happens when you don't go to a church school) and I was forced to teach our sunbeams by myself. Those poor kids probably thought I was crazy because I sat and lectured repeatedly two of my kids. They are fortunately goldfish like Sevy is because they would go right back to doing what they were doing and thought I was the nicest thing ever. I fear what they tell their parents! I did learn one of our students told her mom I had a cute puffy shirt on yesterday. I don't think she realizes the puffy is actually my belly! Oh well! Poor Sevy gets the brunt of my crazy behavior also. She throws like a champ--but unfortunetely throws EVERYTHING. Yesterday she threw a full bottle of baby sunscreen and it bounced off the couch and smacked me hard in the face. Needless to say, I lost it. For the first time ever though I think she realized I was really mad and promptly grabbed Moo Cow and Blanky and ran to her room and stayed there for the rest of the night like I told her too. I hate getting upset at her and I seem to be a cannon ready to blow these days. If I lash out at anyone, I'm sorry. It's horomones that I can't control!


Shawn's Wedding

Oh what a fun occasion it is to get the family together for a wedding! Sevy was so excited to see her cousin Sarah, and to see Pappa and Gr (we are still working on Gran, but she calls her Gr instead!) We also got to meet new baby Juliet Rose Lofgran! Too cute! The temple ceremony was beautiful--they got married in the Portland, Oregon temple--and it was cool to be there with the whole family! Chantall (and I really hope I spelled that right) looked just amazing in her wedding dress. Seriously, I was in love with the dress, but don't possess the waist to pull it off! We are all excited to get a new Sister Bagley, since we all lost our titles in our own nuptuals! The whole trip was short, but worthwhile! Really, what a better way to spend a weekend?!


It's a . . .

We had our 20 week ultrasound today and the good news is, everything checked out great! The baby is 10 oz right now and showing at 20 weeks old! This is great news for us who usually get pushed back! So we are right on track with the due date! The baby wasn't even shy for the sneak peek and we learned we are having a . . .

We are totally stoked and right after leaving our appointment, Jon went out and bought a pair of little hockey gloves! You'll never guess what sport we'll be pushing! We decided to forgo sticking pictures of baby's privates on our blog, but it's a boy, no doubt about it. This will make the 3rd boy in our family out of 10 grandkids, and on Jon's side, we are now 2 out of 5. Not bad! Anyhoo, that's our exciting news, the poll ended up close, but we had 2 extra votes for boy, so right on!


What Will It Be?

So we are finding out on Friday what we are having! I'm super stoked, but we want to take bets on what other people think we are having. Based off my family luck, it'll probably be a girl. Based off the trend of our ward, it'll probably be a boy. At this point, I have no idea! So we would like to see what others think! Please, let us know and fill free to do our poll!