Jaclyn: My own personal librarian.

I got the best package unexpectedly in the mail! A whole box of books from Jaclyn's own personal library! One of the closest libraries to us was destroyed in Ike and I haven't found another one yet and have been in dire need of books. I've just read the Twilight series again for the 60th time and was hurting for new material! Thank you Jaclyn! I've already finished one and know my productivity on life is going to be put on hold, but that's alright by me! Love you!


Happy Presidents' Day


Okay, so we are not exactly on the ball so instead of the boring and mundane Christmas card, we are sending the new and awesome Presidents’ Day card!

Highlights of our life since last President’s Day:

  1. We bought our first home!
  2. Kristian Teik Ormson was born (June 27, 2008)
  3. We moved to Houston, Texas
  4. Jon started Dental School
  5. We went through Hurricane Ike (it’s a big deal for an Idaho girl!)

Goals for the next Presidents’ Day:

  1. Have Sevy potty trained
  2. Have Teikers walking
  3. Jon surviving what is known as the 2 worse semesters of dental school
  4. Kat competing in some sort of race (shooting for a triathlon, but will take what I can get).
  5. Finish unpacking

Happy Presidents’ Day!

Love--The Ormson Clan (Jon Jon, Kat, Sevy, and Teikers)


crocodiles, kites, raccoons, and my amazingly genius children

This Saturday we went to Rosensharon Park with a bunch of Jon's dental school buddies. Holy cow! This place is awesome! We took a picnic lunch and fishing poles and enjoyed a gorgeous day in the great outdoors. (all of you still playing in snow--it was a balmy upper 70's and I got a tanline!)

They have a visitor's center where you can pet a baby crocodile. Of course Sevy freaked out, but at least Teik sat next to a raccoon.

We've recently bought Sevy a kite for our next trip to Galveston. Well, we broke it out at the Park and I was super impressed with our $1 purchase. Sevy loved it!

This is Jon next to where the boys were fishing. If you look closely, you can see the crocodiles (okay, I don't know if they were crocodiles or alligators.) but there is one in the background of this picture. How cool is that?! We were chillin' in a park where these crazy man-eating beasts roam free!

And now for my genius children. Yesterday was quite the day for us. Sevy was playing with the packaging of some things I got when she told me to look at her bird house. I looked over to find this! Seriously, this girl is a genius! Sadly, she reminds me of Shawn and I growing up making airplanes out of Hot Tamale boxes and contact viles! But we were well over 3 years old!

And then Teik decided he would not let Sevy up him on anything so he started crawling! We have it on video, but it was taking WAY too long to upload. Anyway, this is a full 2 months before Sevy started. Teik just decided last week he would really start rolling, and just got two teeth this past week. Needless to say, he's been sleeping pretty good thanks to all the stress of accomplishments. My kids are amazing!


The Latest

This is a picture I just took today. I thought it was too cute and even though Sevy's hair is a mess, this is how Teik always responds to her!
Last week we just played a constant failing game of potty training. One direction we took was letting Sevy pick out her own undies. She picked out these Mickey Mouse little boy briefs. I thought, huh, maybe this'll work. No. She pooped in one pair, peed in the other, and that was after only 1 hour of wearing undies. The battle continues . . .

Jon actually had the weekend to spend with us instead of with cadavers! Yeah! We tried to be as productive as possible. We got his car in the shop for an oil change, Jon finished putting up blinds, we cleaned the downstairs of our house, I weeded, Sevy and I attempted to move the bricks to the backyard in hopes of organizing our garage, and Teik took a couple of good naps. All in all it was a very productive Saturday! I really think it would have been even better, but we had to make a couple of trips out to Firestone because Jon's car has issues. Oh well. Maybe next Saturday we can finish the garage . . .