Teikers Turns Two!

Teik got his first REAL haircut in honor of his upcoming birthday. If you ever wonder who he looks like, we have a picture of Jon around the same age which is identical to this fabulous mop top!
He was a little studmuffin by the end! Not that I'll ever actually fix his hair, but it looks a lot better!For his actual birthday, we had some friends come over for cupcakes! He was excited to chow on those!
He loved his super cool cards from his Gran and Grammy!
And loved his cool peekaboo game from Grammy! He also got a backpack, which is constantly filled with toys and worn around the house, and a hooded shark towel from us! I can't believe my baby is two! He's turning into a little boy, and boy do we LOVE him!



I finished my first triathlon this morning. Read all about it here!


The Latest

Here are some of the many tomatoes from our garden. Yes, I even impress myself with these bad boys, although I won't be eating them anytime soon!
The zoo has a temporary dinosaur exhibit for the next few months so we went to check it out. They move and roar and the kids were slightly frightened!
This is Teik trying to hid from them. Yes, he was like this the entire time through the exhibit.
He didn't like this one at all, even though it was the only one that didn't move and you could pose with it!
We try to hit the beach at least once a week. We all love it!
Yeah, how cute are these guys!
We've had a lot of seaweed the past couple weeks, but they don't seem to mind.
We went to Nasa this week and they have a new Star Wars exhibit in the center. It was pretty cool, and if the kids were a little older they would have loved it!

Okay, that's the update of the past couple weeks!


A Weekend with Kris and Ashley

Teik and his new favorite person, Ashley. I've been demoted.
The boys and the kiddos at Gringos! A must-go here in Houston!
Seriously, how happy is this boy with his new girlfriend!
We tried out Jon's new toys at the beach. Um, we all are terrible, but it's Teik's perfect size! We are expecting sponsorship any day now!
Sevy and her body board. She's our little beach bum! Super fun weekend with the Funcle and his future wife!


Jon Jon turns 28!

Yesterday was Jon's big birthday! He had to go to school all day (real downer for a birthday) but for dinner we actually got to go out by ourselves! I was so excited! We had a fantastic meal at Saltgrass Steakhouse, and then went and bought a Wii! Yeah, our purchases never make any real sense! Jon also got a skim board and body board for the beach and a Star's gym bag (or overnight bag--since he never comes to the gym with me!) Sevy helped me make and decorate a cake for him (blue frosting, lots of sprinkles) and all and all it was a good day! Jon is my best friend in the whole world and I'm so stinking lucky to have him! Love you honey!