Thanksgiving has always been a funny holiday to me because frankly, I'm not exactly a fan of a lot of the key elements. I'm not a huge turkey person (only one day a year will I really eat it.), I could care less for football, I hate sweet potatoes (we are talking gag reflex), it took me 21-ish years to like cranberry sauce (I'll only eat it on turkey), and yeah. Sad. Luckily, I'm getting better, and Thanksgiving at the Ormson's is always good! (We get regular mashed potatoes!) Nancy is a dynomite cook and I always feel guilty as she slaves away making homemade crescent rolls, pies from scratch, cornbread stuffing, and the rest of the works. I don't exactly have anything to contribute unless someone is in the mood for a pudding pie instead!

Sevy has a blast in Amarillo because that's where her best friend Drew lives. They play together so well, and unfortunetely Sevy tries to kiss him sometimes. They are so funny together though. We went bowling and they chased each other everywhere cracking up. Not the funnest for us trying to catch them and keep them from bothering the other bowlers! They really do play well, and only sometimes does it end in violence!

Poor Sevy had an interesting time this trip. Drew is a fast runner and she tries to keep up, but is not exactly great at running long distances without tripping yet. (I think she gets that from her mother . . . oh wait!) She also loves to carry everything she is wanting to play with as she runs. This never ends happily. So she was trying to keep up with Drew while carrying a toy bat, her moo cow, and probably a ball, when she splats across the wood floor. Usually she's fine, but not this time. We pick her up with a mouthful of blood and a sad fatlip that lasted a couple of days. To make it an even better battle wound, a black eye showed up the next day--just in time for family pictures! That's my girl!


A Birthday Surprise and a Fairy

My dad turned 60 this year--can you believe it?! And so for his birthday we threw him a surprise, "Happy Birthday, we're glad you're still here!" party, and it actually stayed a surprise! Amazing! Mom flew Sevy and I in for the event and Thursday night we decided to drop in and surprise Dad. We rung the doorbell and when Dad opened the door, there stood Sevy, by herself, looking up at Pappa! He was so excited and so surprised! Pappa was Sevy's favorite person this trip! (oh--p.s. Jaclyn is only taller than me in the above picture because she's wearing like 4" heels.)

Coming home is so fun because everyone lives so close now! (Except me.) Sevy was able to play with all of her cousins and they had a great time! On Saturday--the actual birthday--we all went out to eat and then Shawn and Dad took the kiddo's flying. This is something I usually avoid, due to the fact that I cronically get sick in small airplanes (sad when you consider my family!), however, Dad asked if Sevy wanted a ride and there you have it . . . I was stuck going too! Surprisingly, it was not bad! Dad took us up in the Birddog--an old war plane--and Sevy liked looking out the window and had a great time, and I didn't get sick! Shawn flew in formation with us with some of the other kiddo's who wanted to go upside down, so they were in the Decathalon. Everyone had a blast!

That night, Dad and Shawn did a fly-by for Jack Layton's 80th birthday and we were all at the museum frantically trying to get everything done. They brought the planes in and we all ran to hide and we were sure Dad saw at least one of us--but no! He thought he had to speak at some dinner that night, so he went to his hangar to study. When he came over just after 6pm, the museum was filled with friends and family and he was so surprised! It was awesome! The party turned out great and the whole trip was just so fun!

Halloween: So yesterday was Halloween, and really, for me the best part of this holiday is dressing up Sevy. This included Sevy as a naked rockstar--we have a video of her jamming out and dancing--and then for the real festivities, a fairy (because who can resist a puffy skirt a wings?!) We missed the trunk-or-treat this year, so instead, we went to the mall for easy trick-or-treating. After a couple of stores, Sevy caught what was going on and would go up to the candy person and open her bag or help herself! She was loving it! After the mall we went over to the gym I work at because they were doing a carnival type party. We walked around there for a few minutes, and called it a night. Halloween is fun, but not what it used to be.