The Details

We are now home from the hospital, and yes, we finally have a name for our baby! We named him Kristian Teik Ormson and will call him Teik. It's a very Norwegian name, but also a family name! Both baby and I are doing good. Teik sleeps a lot, which is nice, and so far is just a very content little baby. We'll see how this first night goes! I hurt, but nothing horrible and didn't swell like I did with Sevy. This is a miracle by my book! I'm really tired, and blame my pain killers on this. All things considered though, this birth was so much better!

The delivery was cool. It was a c-section and I had a blue curtain hiding me from everything, but Jon was right there by my side and was able to see them pull Teik out! He was able to cut the cord and do a lot of that new dad stuff that we missed out on last time due to the emergency. I was actually awake and it was crazy to feel them push on me and then all the sudden feel no weight on my belly and hear a little cry. Jon looked over at me with a huge smile and I just smiled and cried! To us he looks just like Sevy did at birth and I can't wait to see how he grows!


Baby Boy is HERE!!!!!

Well he is finally here. Our newest addition to the Ormson clan arrived on the 27th of June at 2:18pm. He looks exactly like his older sister Sevy when she was a new born. We will have more news about him later but for now here are some pictures.


Livin' it up in Amarillo

Sevy has been livin' it up this summer in Amarillo! I'm trying to give her a full summer before baby comes and before the heat of Houston attacks us. We've spent many afternoons at the pool thanks to Uncle Zane and she now loves swimming and the water slide! Every time all the cousins are over they end up wet thanks to the hose or the rain water buckets that Sevy cannot resist playing in! It's funny watching all the cousins play because they all have their reserves in one area, but you can see them breaking down the more they play together. Avery (pictured above) is the newest cousin and is not afraid of anything! She doesn't even walk yet but will crawl straight to the flowing water or straight for the pool!

It's been raining quite a bit and cousin Nyah is not afraid to run in the rain and now finally Sevy is the same way! She loves going out with the umbrella, but never really stays dry with it! Tonight we took her out because we were having a great thunderstorm and she would not go to sleep and she loved watching the "lights" and the thunder didn't even scare her. She was so excited about the rain though. She ended up falling asleep on Jon which was perfect!

On Mondays, Cheer Texas has a family play time for a couple of hours, so yesterday we took the kids. They had a blast! It was one place the three of them (Sevy, Nyah, and Drew) could play and actually not fight! Sevy loves the trampolines, and Drew was a madman running into the foam pit! Sevy and Nyah were more hesitant of that but loved when Jon would throw them in! I even jumped in with them and no, it did not help induce this baby! Little Avery kept crawling straight to the foam pit and also had a blast. They had so much fun and it wore them out!

It's so sad knowing we are moving away from Sevy's cousins, but it's been great that she has this summer to play with them before the big move. It'll be hard in Houston having both families so far away, but it's just what we have to do for the sake of a future and we know it's NOT permanent!


We Have a House and my 38 Week Belly

It's finally official! We are now home owners! Jon and Kris went down on Monday to do the final walk-thru and to sign the papers. They got all the little things that needed to be done and the boys slept in our brand new house! We think our neighbors think Jon and Kris are gay because they watched them move in and then peeped on them that night. Appearantly our master bedroom windows line up. We figure their opinion will change when they see Jon move in with me and 2 kids! The scary thing about this house is I have never seen it. When we move in hopefully sometime next month, it'll be my first time actually seeing it. This makes it hard to be overly excited about it and Jon keeps wanting to look at fans and things and I just can't picture anything yet. He's really excited for me to finally see it! I really must trust this guy to let him choose our house!
In other news, here is me at 38 weeks. I don't think this kid is ever going to come out. I realize I look small in this picture, but it's all angling. I have no room to move with this belly! My belly button has officially popped (something that never happened with Sevy) and I'm down to a handful of clothes that fit. Surprisingly, this shirt is non-maternity. I have it in black and white and seriously wear them overly often! I really have no major complaints about this pregnancy though. I'm nausious all the time and too much sugar makes it worse (that doesn't stop me though), but I've only gained 25 lbs (this is also amazing considering I was 40+ lbs with Sevy) and I have a lot of nonmaternity pants that still fit fine. So, other than my baby probably coming late and about 9+ lbs, I can definitely say I've had worse!


Thanks a lot Kalle

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1. Jon. While looking through my old journals I realized just how much he had to put up with me while we were "dating" and I'm just amazed he stuck it out. He's my best friend now and although there are many times I could just strangle him, I couldn't imagine my life without him.

2. Sevy and Baby-to-Be. Once again, it's funny how my joys could bring such grief to me! I love the Sevster so much and I always have to remind myself this when she's driving me crazy! I know this little bun in the oven will be the same way. It's definitely weird to love something so much that you can't even touch yet!

3. Family. I have been uberly blessed to have a rockin' family and to marry into an amazing family. I know if we ever need anything, we can ask anyone (cousin's included) and they will be more than happy to help. It's a great way to be raised!


1. Failing. I hate telling people that something is going to happen if it's not a sure thing. I've always been this way and I don't know where it came from. I like to have back up plans and all sorts of weird things even on prettty sure things, just in case. I almost worry that I'm installing this into Jon.

2. Public Speaking. I have always been an outgoing person, but doing anything in front of large groups freaks me out. I have a EFY speaker for a sister and 2 parents that are amazing speakers, yet I shake during junior primary sharing time. It's pretty pathetic, especially being a fitness instructor.

3. Storms. I grew up loving them, but last night we had one and it freaked me out. If I'm with someone (like Jaclyn or Jon) I love to watch the thunder and lighting and rain and hail. But if I'm all alone, or just with Sevy, not so much. It freaks me out--especially at night.


1. I want to go back to school. I don't know for what though. Maybe hair school. I just love to learn new things. I want to get more fitness certifications and learn more trades. I love to learn anything hands on.

2. I want to compete in a triathalon. This means I have to get into running, swimming, and outdoor biking. I think biking will be the easiest for me. I think I'll have to start small (mini-tri: maybe the Spudman), but it's something I really want to do.

3. I want my own family to all be in the temple together someday. I've been with all of my family, and I've been with all of Jon's family. Both experiences were so cool--and almost unheard of these days. I want to be there with all of my kids and their spouses one day. I know it would just be amazing!


1. I love magazines and I rip out anything I like out of them. I don't know if I'll ever use what I rip out, but I do it anyway. This includes make-up and hair styles, recipes, exercises, craft ideas, home decor, or fun facts. I have a big pile of pull-outs, but I figure it's better than a big pile of magazines.

2. I love getting mail. I always had a penpal, and I use to write like 12 missionaries at any given time through college. I love cool stamps and envelopes. I like opening the mailbox and getting a surprise package or card or letter. I know email is the way of the future, but I love regular letters. This is probably why Jon and I ended up together, because I loved to write and receive letters.

3. I'm obsessed with projects. Not necessarily finishing them though. I love having a project and almost feel naked without something random to do. Currently-and this is living with basically nothing because I'm living at my in-laws and all my stuff is in Houston-I have 2 quilts to finish (I'm not a quilter), a summer dress for Sevy to make, and a pile of magazines to go through. I'm also thinking about making baby announcements, and decided against making a baby book--but that may change.

Random Surprising Facts (as if my obsessions weren't random or surprising enough):

1. I actually like Texas. I by no means want to end up here, but I really like it. I hate the tornado season and hail storms, but I like the mild winters and the friendly people. I like the fact that I stick out being a Mormon. I like the self-confidence people have here and I now have no problems going to the pool without swim shorts. People here don't judge or look at you funny for not having the best legs or for having a gianormous belly that refuses to be covered. I like the self-confidence I've gained here.

2. I've lost my major sense of adventure. This is sad. I still love random and spontanious trips, but I lost my desire to go skydiving. I still want to learn to surf, and I miss wakeboarding and all watersports, but not do not want to try flips on the boards anymore. I think it happened when I got married and got worse when I had kids. I realize now that my adventurous stupidity does not only affect me now.

3. I hate the cold. This is blasphemous being an Idaho girl. I love to snowboard, but once I get too cold, it's done for me. I love the snow, but almost from a distance. I don't like driving in it and don't trust others driving in it. I like to play in it, but only in stints. I now understand why my mom liked spring skiing. It's warmer! To the same degree-I'm a snow snob. If the snow is not great, I don't like to ski in it or play in it. What a weirdo am I!

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A Glimpse of Baby

So today we got our 36 week checkup and got a sonogram!  Our baby is most definitely a boy and they took his measurements . . . the kid is already about 7 lbs 4 oz!  WHAT THE?!  I still have 4 weeks to go! After his measurements, the sonogram tech changed my due date to the 18th or 19th, but my doctor is stickin' with the 29th.  I'm hoping he'll come earlier!  The top picture is a frontal shot: you can see his chubbo cheeks and his eye and forehead.  The second shot is a profile in 3D of his eye and nose and mouth.  It was fun to get a little "preview" of the kiddo since he seems to take up all of me! 

OH! In other news, we have finally moved out of our apartment and up to Amarillo. We realized how much junk we really have as it took 7 hours  and two trailers to get all moved out. Jon had 2 great friends who stayed and helped the whole time and Jon's sis and bro-in-law came and helped out a ton! We were so thankful to have such awesome friends and family willing to help out down here!  Our plan is to have the baby here in Amarillo and then mid July move to Houston.  Hopefully everything will go as planned!  People, get to praying that this kid comes at least a couple of weeks early!