So It's Been Awhile

So, we've been horrible about updating our blog. So, here I am making up for it.

*Halloween was awesome. Sevy was the cutest purple dragon you have ever seen and was very protective over her candy at our wards trunk-or-treat.

*Christmas was spent in Amarillo, and then we went up to Idaho and enjoyed the snow! We went snowboarding (I was a little rusty--it had been like 3 years), snowmobiling (Jon and I thought we were going to die multiple times, but both lived to tell about it), hit up Green Canyon (Rook and Aryn came to visit us and really-what else is there to do in Rexburg), and just spend time with my family. Sevy was much loved by Gran and Pappa and they even gave Jon and I a break to go play and not worry about her! It was awesome!

*January was neat. Poor Sevy had her first operation and had tubes put in. We later learned that she was experiencing a 50% hearing loss. Our poor baby! She was a real trooper though and was great during the whole thing. She even got to go into surgery with her blanky and her binky (her two best friends!) The whole procedure was only like 5 minutes, and she was only cranky for a couple of days before she was back to our bubbly little out of control Sevster!

*February has been fantastic! My parents came down for my mom's birthday and Sevy took her first steps!!! She walked from Pappa to Uncle Shawn! It was probably the cutest/funniest thing I've ever seen! She'll do it occassionally with Jon and I but like everything else, it's a hit or miss. Also, the weather has been warming up so we've finally been able to hit outside! We have a great park in town that we love to go to and it's totally little kid friendly! We both absolutely love it.

Anyhoo-That's our life as of late. I'm going to try to be better about updating. It'll be my goal.