Sevy Turns 2 and We're Moving to Houston

For spring break, Jon and I headed down to Houston to check it out and look for housing for dental school. After being down there for a few days, Jon knew that this is where he wanted to go for sure! We spent a day looking at apartments and two days checking out houses, and we are pretty sure we want to get a house when we move! So scary and so exciting! If you want to see our two favorite houses we saw, go to the side of our blog under "check it out" and click "Houston House Hunt." We put up info and pictures. Yeah, we're weird! Anyhoo, Houston was fun! We went to Ikea (my dream come true!) and checked out the cheap and cool furniture. We went to the Galleria which is every shoppers dream mall and covers anyone's budget. They have everything from a Gucci store, to Delia's (my favorite store--at least their sales!) So cool! One of the afternoons, Jon surprised me by taking me down to Galveston beach which is only like 45 minutes away. The weather was windy, and the beach is slightly pathetic, but the houses down there are cool and heck--it's a beach! We had fun walking around and didn't dare touch the water. For dinner we went to this off the beaten track bar-b-que place called Queen's and had the greated bbq sandwhich's which were huge and cheap! The best part was, they were western bar-b-que, not southern! I tell you--it's so much better! It's like the sauce is thicker or maybe it's just what I grew up to! Either way, it was GOOOOD!
We came home and basically went straight up to Amarillo to celebrate Easter and to have a birthday bash for Sevy! We took pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses and Drew looking sharp in his matching tie. It's sad to say, but Sevy had been sick and as a result, not the funnest monkey to be around. We finally did manage to get her smiling for a picture when she learned her shoes sounded like duckies. Boy! That was the coolest thing ever! While the weather was nice Saturday, the kids did an Easter egg hunt and this year it was so much fun since the kids were old enough to enjoy it! Sevy went crazy and they all ended up with a basket full of eggs! Saturday night we had a birthday party and yes, Sevy is still afraid of fire so the candle blowing out was impossible. She did enjoy unwrapping gifts and fell in love with the Elmo semi-truck with little Cookie
Monster and Grouch trucks that ride inside. She puts them in her baby stroller given to her by Aunt Judy! What a girly-girl!

Today is officially her 2nd birthday and we attempted to take pictures like we did last year. I took her to the temple because the grounds there are the prettiest in Lubbock and she was not cooperative at all! She did enjoy running around the grounds of the temple with her ducky shoes though. I did manage to get a few cute ones and call it good! We are not doing any real celebrations today thanks to a test of Jon's and me having to work, but maybe this weekend we'll think of something fun for her to do. She's too little to care anyway! (What a mean Mom am I!)


My Super Man

So this was the first weekend in ages that Jon did not have anything to do, and I was totally stoked because that meant we could do something fun . . . or at least overhaul our apartment. Well, Friday night we went out to eat with some friends of ours at one of our favorite resturaunts and we ate the best chips and salsa and then I ordered my favorite meal from there. Afterwards we were going to go play games but once we got to the car, I wasn't feeling so great and told Jon I needed to go home. We called and apologized to our friends and got home and 10 minutes later I lost my dinner. The rest of the night for me was spent tossing in bed and rushing to the bathroom. Not fun. Jon took care of Sevy and put her to bed and stayed up playing video games when he saw her wandering around at like 2 am. He got her back in bed and an hour or so later, she puked. Poor guy had to clean her all by himself and change her sheets and bathe her and put her back in bed. Two hours later, it happened again. Poor Jon! Somehow, he managed to spend the night cleaning and caring for the two sick girls in the household that shared a meal and because of it shared food poisoning! Thankfully, Sevy was great by the next morning. I still didn't feel so hot, so Jon still took care of me and got me 7-up and made me toast and things. I felt so bad like I had starved our poor unborn child. I'm just glad Jon ignored me when I tried to get him to finish my burrito, and that he is the type of guy willing to clean up puke! He is definetely my Super Man!


Belly Issues

So, I'm still teaching my x-biking class and when I got home today I looked in the mirror and realized--I'm starting to look fairly silly in tight workout shirts. I went to class tonight with a hoodie that's formfitting w/o a belly and my regulars started making fun of me! I'm wondering if I'm starting to look funny on the bikes. Like, people always make fun of pregnant women waddling, although I never thought I did, but do I do something weird like that while teaching? Would anyone actually tell me if I did? I shouldn't complain because I'm really not huge yet, and I haven't gotten the pregnancy arms yet, and my pants still thankfully fit smashingly, but I'm starting to struggle in the shirt arena and all my maternity shirts from last time are wintery, dressy, and very large. I'm just at a loss of what to do because I know I'm only getting bigger from here! And those are my belly issues!


Talents and my two cents

Sorry for this random post. Jon and I were watching Dreamgirls last night and he made the comment, "How would it feel to be able to sing that good?" I told him it probably feels the same as having complete control on your skates as you are playing hockey. We started talking about having real talents and how everybody is really good at something. I always thought I was just a jack of all trades but not really great at anything, but that's not true for anyone. I think at one time or another, everyone feels really confident about something and it just feels right. I had that feeling at Ricks in my drafting class where I just knew what I was doing and could get lost for hours doing it and not realizing it. I have friends who can get lost in running and just find that rhythm and go for miles. For others it's a science class that they just understand and absorb. So here is my two cents: Don't look at others and be jealous of their skills, because inevitably, you have talents that they would kill for too.