My "huh!" moment

Today we had a really small Primary. So small, that it was just my two kids! So I sent my counselors to Relief Society and decided me the kids were just going to sing! I had the Sharingtime lesson prepared, but was struggling with how I was going to teach it to a younger group from the get-go, so didn't really worry about teaching it. Near the end of our hour (we only have 2 hour church currently), Sevy asked why we hadn't done Sharingtime yet. So, I taught it. I've been teaching Primary so long and every week decide that the kids don't listen to me. I'm always annoyed or frustrated or just tired. Today though, teaching Sevy one-on-one (Teik was aimlessly wandering the room), I realized, she really is listening. She knew the answers to all my questions, and caught on a lot better than I expected. It made me love teaching again--even with our simple 10 minute lesson where the majority of it was spent helping her spell out words to fill in a worksheet! I was telling Jon about this on our way home from church and we decided that for FHE, we are going to teach her out of the CTR manual that she would be learning out of if we had the regular church schedule. I do now feel that she is learning and missing out on great lessons. The best part--it makes FHE easy because I have the manual and an activity book that goes along with it! We are redetermined to tackle FHE!


Hmmm . . . it's been awhile!

Remember that one time I was going to blog about our road trip in multiple parts? Well, I've given up on that! Just know, it was AMAZING and we saw so many loved ones and the kids had a blast!

Since then, it has been Summer as usual her in Houston! We've spent a lot of time at the beach, at the pool, and at various splash parks! The other day we even went to an Astros game with Kris and Ashley! It's a shame the Astros are terrible! The best part of the night was during batting practice, Jon and the kids were trying to catch fly balls and as one was coming straight to Jon, a guy shoved right in front of him, Sevy, and Teik, to catch the ball, AND THEN DROPPED IT! The guys in the field threw it back up to the guy, who was getting glares from everyone in the area because they saw him shove over kids, and he quickly ran out of there!

Tomorrow, we are heading to Sea World--one of our favorite places ever--to spend a couple of days enjoying the shows and the water park! Jon has a couple of days off and since I put him straight to work when he has a break, we decided we better have some play time too!