One day I will figure out blogger! In reverse order of excitement . . . Jon GRADUATED!!! I am so proud of him! Here he is, showing off his gloriously hard earned degree!
 Jon's proud and super supportive parents came down for the celebration!
 Some of his great friends that we know we couldn't have done Dental School without! (Jon, Garrett, Jeremy, and Richard).
 Jon, showing off his cape!
 Another great friend Zeeshon!
 Pointing at the capes!
 Jon getting caped (or whatever it's called!)
 Jon receiving his diploma!
So happy to be coming off the stage! 

We are so proud of you Jon! It's been a long time coming, and super hard on all of us at times, but I know it will be totally worth it! We found out the day before graduation that he passed his boards, so once all the paperwork is done, he is officially a licensed dentist!!! AHHH! Dr. Jon! It suits you!