Our Christmas Card!

2010 proved to be an exciting year for us Ormsons! Jon passed his boards this year with flying colors! The countdown continues as we get closer and closer to the real world (scary!)! He also got a wish granted with an addition to the family in the form of a yorkie named Belle. Kat checked multiple things of her “Bucket List” this year by completing the MS 150 (a 2 day and 150 mile bike ride for multiple sclerosis), competing in her first sprint triathlon, and first (and second) 5k runs! Sevy is still a little smarty pants! She learned how to swim this summer and was the ultimate beach babe. She is learning how to take care of Belle and is in charge of taking her out to go potty so Mommy doesn’t have to! Teik suddenly grew into a little boy! He is a complete pest to his sister and tries to do everything she does. He is a terror to Belle, but loves her so violently it’s funny! The poor dog has to hide so Teikers won’t get her! Belle, the newest member of the family, is by far the smallest! She is still just a puppy and at under 3 lbs, she’s about the biggest she’s going to get! She wreaks havoc in the house, but the kids love her!

Merry Christmas!


WAY behind!

I feel like I'm way behind on my blogging. As a result-here is the edited version of what's been happening in H-town--in reverse order!
Last night, this is how we found Teik. I thought it was just too cute not to post!

Also last night we made "gingerbread" houses at our friends house!
These were the end results! The kids had fun eating everything, but Sevy did a good job decorating hers! It's the one in the front row on the left!
Jon and his "shark" house!

The Houston Zoo opened up their new African Forest exhibit which has been in the works since we moved here. I must say, it is fantastic!
Here Sevy is smiling with a chimpanzee! And yes, that's me in the reflection!
The drums in the African Forest. I'm embarrassed to say that as a percussionist, I suck at these drums, but the kids were AWESOME!

Being Christmas, we figured we had to visit Santa! At Outdoor World, you get a picture with him for FREE! This sold us on going! I have to say, the Santa was adorable!
Running down to see Santa.
The cutest Santa ever! He sat and chatted with the kids for like 5 minutes! I was super impressed!

The beginning of the month, Mom and Dad came to visit!
Mom and Teik at Brazo's Bend. Sadly, we only saw 1 alligator.
Dad, Sevy and Teik at the air museum in Galveston. Yes, it's December and Sevy is wearing shorts. It was a beach-worthy day!

That is basically the update! Sevy has her school Christmas program tonight, so there will be another update soon!