Lake Powell and Teik turns One!

So our trip is going to be a little bit in reverse, but that's okay. Let's start with Teik's birthday. Our little baby boy is officially One! I can't believe it went so fast! He is a monkey extrodinaire and won't walk for anything, but he is a cutie! Here are some shots of his big day: Getting ready to open presents and moving the "happy birthday" sign to make room for the good stuff.
He is just too cute! You can't see his batman shirt he's wearing. Adorable!

We had a joint Mickey Mouse birthday with Teik and his cousin Avery who turned two. This is our impromptu cake we (Jon and I) made for them!
Teik's little cake--just for him.
Teik eating his cake. He had a double ear infection and had the flu earlier in the week, so we were super excited he even ate a couple of bites of anything. He didn't attack like we hoped, but this is how it works in our family!

Next subject. For the ultimate family vacation, we met up with my family in the greatest place on earth . . . Lake Powell! It was AWESOME!

Jon and I on our drive home. This was a cute cafe about 90 miles out of Hall Crossing. They had great burgers and this random rock formation called 'twin sisters' or something like that.

My mom has mad photography skills. We can't get our camera to cooperate for us for anything and she grabs it and makes a closeup shot with a quick click. I don't get how she does it. But please, check out that tan! (yes, I'm that vain!)
Here's a shot from our first camping spot. It was so cool! The water was freezing there, but we had shade--a rare commodity in Powell.

Rainbow Bridge! It is like a 3/4 mile hike to get up to it now, but is still as awesome as ever! We used to cliff jump just below where the bridge is. Yeah, that is no longer allowed.

We went to some Anasazi ruins. This is a view throw the chimney of the "church." These houses were clear up in the rocks. The crazy thing is they were built before the lake was made, so it would have been even higher.

The petroglyphs right next to the ruins. How stinking cool!

Another view from our first campsite. It was in a winding canyon an completely in a crazy cove. We slept on a slant, but it was awesome! All our camping sites were really cool actually!
This is at our last spot. We were attempting to wash our hair. Chantal obviously won on the cool shampoo hair do, but Wolverine, I mean Shawn, had a pretty cool style also! Jaclyn and I were channeling our inner "Grease."

And this is how we rinsed off. We had a nice little two foot jump and another about six foot jump off in this last campsite. That, along with a shelf to sit on in about a foot of water, made the last spot awesome to chill in!
Candice and I on Day one. This was before we got our awesome tans! And there you have it! Candice has some great pictures oh her blog also. It was so fun hanging with my family! I think it's safe to say we all had a blast, and had a great time breaking out our mad skills that we have been hiding for years!