The Big 3-0 . . .

It's official, I'm now an adult. I've been looking back in my life and trying to determine the 30 ultimate events that made me who I am now at 30. This list is in no particular order, and I know I'm missing a bunch, but here it is:

1. Working as a welder for my dad for basically every summer of my life.
2. Scuba diving in various parts of the world.
3. Playing in the half-time of a bowl game.
4. Lake Powell: with my family, friends, perfect strangers, and the Naccarato family!
5. Studying the Book of Mormon in South America.
6. Meeting a boy with the worse bleach-job I've ever seen at Ricks College my freshman year.
7. Working with Grandpa Walker.
8. The Ultimate Summer where we rock-climbed, waterskied, and long-boarded every day after work.
9. Studying art in Italy.
10. Graduating BYU.
11. Traveling Europe with my mom and Candice.
12. Standing in the top of a pillion during a race in Reno.
13. Taking a spontaneous trip to Canada to go skydiving.
14. Various random road-trips to California in college (some without knowing where we are staying!).
15. Marrying Jon--the kid with the bad hair--after 2 months of dating and 4 years of friendship.
16. Moving to Texas.
17. Sevryn Kelly.
18. Becoming a fitness instructor.
19. Kristian Teik.
20. Training for and completing the MS 150.
21. Running my first 5k.
22. Competing in my first triathlon.
23. Drumline
24. Deckland Knute.
25. The Sunnyside Branch.
26. Hiking in the Swiss Alps.
27. The SSU (if you don't know what this is, you are missing out)!
28. Learning to quilt.
29. Hawaii with my mom and sisters.
30. My family. (this includes all Bagley's, all Walker's, all Ormson's, and all non-related "family" members who helped mold me into who I am today.)

I look back at my first 30 years and can only hope my next 30 are as fun, adventurous, and worthwhile! Hopefully we will be added more kids, cousins, friends, in-laws, grandkids, trips, memories, and more!