San Antonio

Well, we had our first interview for dental school and it brought us to the beautiful part of Texas . . . San Antonio. It's really weird how much prettier the scenery get when you travel either severe south or severe north from here! We didn't have a lot of time down there, but we tried to make the most of what little time we had. We got there late Sunday night and basically just crashed at the hotel. Exciting. I guess we did venture to where Jon's interview would be the following day so that he could easily find it. Whoopee! Anyhoo-Monday morning Jon left for his interview and Sevy and I just hung out around the hotel, watched movies, went swimming, took a nap, etc. Jon came home beat, and we then took off downtown for the Riverwalk. Last time I was here I was in a wheelchair. I'll tell ya what--it's so much easier to get around walking. A stroller was a pain with the stairs and rocks along the walkway by the river. We walked around for a couple of hours before we stopped in at Johnny Rockets for dinner. Sevy was miraculously a saint for all of this and didn't even complain in her stroller. We were amazed! Tuesday we went to the San Antonio Zoo and Sevy loved it. She loves monkeys and birds and fish and "ooohhed" at the majority of the animals we saw. They have this great kid area that kids can swim in a river and play in sand and they have a big field to run around in and a discovery area. Really cool! Truthfully, we only lasted a few hours at the zoo before we were dying of heat and fatigue and ventured back to the car and the 7 hour drive home. Sevy is generally easy to drive with, but occassionally she gets like car sick. Fun for us. It made the drive a little longer because we had to stop and change her clothes and clean out her seat. Uck! All in all . . . killer short trip!


Spa Day

This entry has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought it was funny that I got Jon in a avacado face mask (he wanted something he could scrape off with chips), and got a picture of it! So that's all. Jon's a nerd in a green mask . . . Girly Boy!

Love him!