Our newest family memeber!

We don't know what possessed us to do it, but we got a dog! Well, it's more like a puppy! She's a Yorkie and the kids are in LOVE! It's Jon's fault we got her! He's wanted a dog for a long time and I think it was love at first sight!
Sevy has named her Belle. We don't know if it's short for Princess Belle, Ladybelle (she sounds just like Lady on Lady and the Tramp when she's in her kennel!), or Tinkerbell. Or maybe Isabella--Sev's favorite Fireside Girl from Phineus and Ferb! Sevy's jobs with the new pet is to make sure she always has food and water, to take her outside and try to get her to go potty, and to take her on walks!
Teik started out frightened with her, and now I have to force him to set her down and to leave her alone! She doesn't seem to mind! She is a little princess though, insisting on laying on the couch snuggled in the pillows! She's basically fully grown too! What have we gotten ourselves into?!


Juliet Rose Lofgran

I'm heading up to Idaho for the funeral of the cutest little angel. My heart breaks with this tragedy but I know Heaven needed our little diva. She is loved and will me terribly missed. Keep her family in your prayers.