Have you ever wondered what a 3 year old would take pictures of?

Let me show you Sevy's latest photo shoot:
She took about 40 pictures. She likes a lot of closeups of herself, made sure she took a lot of me with not makeup on, and took probably at least 10 of her feet while announcing to me that she's taking pictures of her feet. She's our little photographer!


We Took a Trip

After a new camera, a trip to Utah/Idaho/Montana/Wyoming, and over 800 pictures, we finally have a blog update! We spent our first few days with our good friends the Polls in northern Utah. We took a trip to the Dinosaur park in Weber and holy cow was it funny! The whole thing was more of a photo shoot than an educational experience, but to be honest, that's the way I like it anyway! Here is Teik and Jaxson not liking what's for dinner.
Jon and Sevy, riding a dinosaur.Our clan at Lava Hot Springs--the greatest water park in Idaho. (clockwise: Jed, Jaxson, Jeni, Kat, Jon, Teik, Kris, Sevy, Kenzi.)
When we got home, Jac and Zach came to visit right away bringing bikes and kids. The kids had a blast (this includes the older boys who raced to see how far they could ride the kids bikes down the hill and around the driveway). (Lleida, Jac, Sevy, Cairo, and Teik).

We were able to go waterskiing/wakeboarding in Island Park while we were staying at the cabin. The water wasn't as cold as I feared, and in the middle of the week we scored some great runs.
We then went up to Yellowstone Park andhad a blast up there. We did see a bear in the wild which was crazy, and Sevy enjoyed the waterfalls, hated Old Faithful, and wasn't a fan of all the driving.
These are some of my favorite geysers. I love just love the deep colors and how freaky they are considering you are in the wilderness, usually freezing, and here is this steaming stinking pool.
The biggest potatoe in Idaho. This can be seen at the Spud Drive-In as you drive from Rexburg to Jackson Hole. The next adventure we had.It's a gorgeous drive to get to Jackson, but there really isn't a whole lot we did there except shop. They have some fun shops, and the style is just country, which I enjoy. If I had a lot of money, I would get in trouble shopping at the jewlery stores there. This is us in front of the antler arches in the downtown square.Just down the street (like a mile or so) from my house is Yellowstone Bearworld. Up until this trip, I had never been there. My dad would fly low over it so we could see the animals, but it's hard to REALLY experience it that way. So, Sevy, Lleida, and I went while Mom graciously watched the boys (Jac's kids were hanging out this day), and Jon and Kris went up to Yellowstone park again without us. It was so stinkin' fun! The girls had a blast and I couldn't believe how up close and personal you could get with these bears! One even bit the bumper of our Jeep!

There was a petting zoo with chickens, goats, and my favorite-dear! After growing up almost hitting a dear everytime I went to school, it was so cool to actually pet one! Lleida made Sevy brave when it came to petting, and Sevy made Lleida brave on the rollercoasters! They were a blast together and probably the easiest 3 and 4 year olds to deal with--ever.
We went back up to the cabin and Sevy fell in love with a true Idaho pasttime. Four-wheeling! It was fun. We enjoyed riding around "the neighborhood" surrounding our cabin. The weather was chilly, but that is normal when it comes to summertime at home, and Sevy begged to go on rides even when my fingers were frozen. Teik took his first steps while we were at the cabin too! We were super excited for that milestone!

The last day there I got to meet up with some of my high school friends! It was so fun considering 4 of the 5 of us have 3 year olds and 1 year olds. (Kalle is a year behind us with an almost 2 year old and one on the way!) The kids had fun playing, and we had fun catching up! Here we have Nancy-moving to AZ, Darci in CA, Tash (sorry I chose the pix with your eyes closed) livin' in NY, Kalle in UT, and me in TX. Random to get us together when we all live everywhere.Here are the kids. Danny, Faith, Maya, Sevy, Teik, Claire, Gavin, Bella, ?, Alice, and ?. (Darci's sisters were there also, and I don't their kids names.)We had FHE with my family at the nature park the night before with left and here is Mom with some of grandkids: Sevy, Lleida, Anna, Mom, Teik, Juliet, Elayna, Cairo, Laurel, and Anders. We missed Sarah (and Candi and Andrew).

The trip ended with Zach having to go back to Iraq (so sad), and Jon breaking his toe. Nothing like going through the airport with two kids and a husband in a wheelchair.


To Do List

-I need to update the blog. It's been far too long. We just got back from the best trip ever and I took like 800 pictures (this is not even an exageration). An official update is coming.
-I need to go grocery shopping. We have no milk and no cheese. Two staples at my house. Well, that's not exactly true. We are out of Teik's milk, which just makes me feel like a neglectful mom.
-I need to unpack. We aren't in the pathetic stage yet, but it has been a couple of days since we got home.
-I need to do laundry. Not unpacking=no clothes for the kiddos.
-I need to get the dresser out of the closet. It seemed like a good idea. It wasn't.
-I need to move the bookshelves back/I need to fix our pathetic broken cheapo bookcase.
-I need to finish and send out baby gifts. I meant to have them done before I left town, it didn't quite happen.
-I need Jon's foot to get better so I'm not doing everything on the to do list myself. (Long story short, the Bagley staircase took another victim).
-I need to give up diet coke after 8pm.
-I need to go to bed (see above).