The weather is warming . . .

The weather has definitely been warming up, so we've been trying to enjoy it! We started by visiting one of our favorite splash parks!
We were invited to a party at a lake house this weekend. The area around Lake Houston is amazing! Nicely out of town, but still close. It was there that we went swimming and just hung out!
My garden has been growing too! I've already eaten my radishes, but look at my peas grow! I love garden fresh peas! My tomatoes are flowering and we recently planted some beans that have sprouted!
Saturday night we went to our friends the Talbot's house. They just built a firepit, so we roasted smores and played croquet! So fun! It's a shame the weather is really going to heat up soon, because this week has been perfect!
And finally, here is my latest sewing adventure. I've started attempting my size clothes and I've learned that they make kid sizes run big, and adult sizes run slightly small. Oh well! I did the sleeveless option because I didn't have enough material, but I like it with a cardigan. It's really boat-necked and my material choice is kind of heavy, but I love how it turned out!


MS 150

I did it! I rode over 150 miles in two days in the fight for the cure for MS. Definitely an AWESOME experience. I'll be updated my 1 to 150 blog so check it out here!


Catch Up

Thanks to computer issues and other things, it's been awhile since I've posted, so here is a catch up in--of course--no particular order!
Easter morning: the kids got bath stuff and pj's in there baskets. They LOVED their new pjs!Easter egg hunt #2--vastly different from the snow and mountains of hunt #1 a day before in Utah!
Easter egg hunt #1 in Utah with BFF Kenzi! Sevy was so excited to spend a day with her favorite person in the world!
Hanging out at Kenzi's. We decorated eggs and played played played!
We got a lot of snow (especially for April!) while we were in Idaho! Sevy loved playing in the snow!
Random home shot. Teik loves to play outside and drive his car!
So handsome! We were in Idaho for Brandi's baby blessing.
Temple trip with the family and Aunt Betty and Uncle Terry! We missed Jon and Steve, but it was cool going there with all my siblings and the Rexburg temple is sincerely gorgeous!
Baby Ava! It was her blessing day! She is Brandi's 6th baby and so stinking cute!
Sevy and I freezing at the Rexburg airport watching Pappa land Ole Yeller.
Sevy's birthday! What can beat a party with the cousins?
Okay, not the best picture. This is from Sevy's SUPER birthday party the week before her actual birthday. Mimi and Uncle Kris were there as well as friends from school, church, and the gym!
Super Sevy!

Okay, that was the quickie version. We've had a great few weeks with a trip to Idaho and Utah, birthday parties, and me still training for the MS 150. It's been a lot of fun and Sevy and Teik loved the trip home!