Sevy and the Rocket

So it's official! Our baby girl is ONE!!! I can't believe it! The year has just flown by! For her birthday we threw her a little birthday party before she gets a real party this weekend. Okay, so it wasn't so much a party as it was Jon and I dressing her up in her new Easter dress (that I made!) and taking pictures of her dolled up outside. Then she opened up the gifts we had here for her. She loved her "big girl seat" that Gran and Pappa got her and one of these days we'll get it in our car for her! She also got a dolly and a movie. But the real treat of the evening was when she got her super cool Radio Flyer Retro Rocket! Man, this was a real winner for Sevy. It has flashing lights and makes noises and Sevy could have cared less about anything in that room except that rocket! She hasn't figured out how to climb onto it properly, but she has managed to climb on surfer-girl style. Yes, my daughter is already a practicing stunt woman! We are just so proud!


Diaper Wrestling

There's nothing Sevy loves more than to play with kids her own size, especially if that kid is a cousin! For Spring break we went up to Amarillo for the weekend, and while
we were there, Sevy got a lot of cousin time. We stuck Nyah and Sevy in a room ontop an awesomely styrophone mattress in their diapers, and they went crazy! They rolled around and attacked each other and all the stuff animals in the room and just had a blast. And in their diapers, they couldn't be any cuter!


The Science Spectrum!

After two years of living here in Lubbock, we have finally found a place that is way too fun for words! You would have thought we would have discovered this earlier, but we are a little slow. It took Sevy's cousin Nyah coming into town for us to finally go to the Science Spectrum! This place is awesome!!! The kids had a good time, but us "grown-ups" had a BLAST! The place is huge and is just full of fun science experiments, and a lot of hands on things, and it even has a descent aquarium section, and then they had a reptile show. That reminded me of the Bean Museum back in Provo. They brought the snakes around for everyone to touch, and we let Sevy pet the first one, and she suddenly did this cat-like death grip on this poor snake and I thought

the thing was going to attack the presentor, and Sevy thought it was hilarious! We were a little more careful with her touching the rest of the reptiles they brought around.

The rest of the weekend was fun too. Sevy loves playing with kids and it helps to have a kiddo her same size around to play with. Nyah loves to give loves and kisses, and poor Sevy has a hard time defending herself! But they had a lot of fun!