Advice Needed from Moms Who Know

I've decited that I want to get a sling to carry baby #2 in. I think it'll be more convenient while grocery shopping and things like that. And, it's cheaper than buying a double stroller. The question is, what kind do I go for? I've had many people tell me slings that they like, or carriers that they like, but which one truely is better. I'm looking for affordable (because frankly, I'm cheap) and functional. These are the two I'm looking at, unless people know of a better option. The first is a Hotsling in Floral. I know, not exactly boyish, but I'm the one who will be wearing it. It holds kiddos in 5 different ways and goes from newborn to 30 lbs. Knowing me, once the kid hits 30 lbs, I don't like holding them anymore. The second is a Peanut Shell in black. It is obviously more boyish, and does all the stuff the Hotsling does. I don't know if one brand is better or worse than the other. This is why I'm asking for advice! Please Help!
In other news, Jon graduated from Tech this weekend and I couldn't be prouder! He graduated Suma Cum Laude! How smart is he?! Currently, he has the camera in Houston where he is once again house hunting, so when he gets back, I'll post pictures from the main event!


We've Created a Monster

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate the Xbox. Unless it's Guitar Hero or Tony Hawk, I think video games are a ridiculous waste of time and make me an unhappy single mom. This is a fact that I do not hide at all--much to the chagrin of Jon! Well, Jon loves playing video games. One of his favorites is Hockey. I don't have major qualms with Hockey because at least it's not a shooting game, but now we have bigger problems. Sevy is hooked. We try to put her to bed and she hears daddy playing and jumps up saying "I want to play hockey." That's right, she cannot say love, but she can beg to play hockey. She likes to sit with Jon with her controller to play along. Luckily she doesn't realize that her control isn't connected, but frankly, I wouldn't notice either! She just loves to be included with what the boys are doing. Fantastic!
(For anyone who doesn't know, this is Jon, Sevy, and Uncle Kris playing hockey.)