Finally! The Disney World Post!

Happiest Place on Earth? Well, pretty dang close! My parents treated the whole family to a trip to Disney World! I don't know who was more excited, the kids or me! We had a blast! Here are some of the fun times that were had!
I'm sure if I go back through my pictures, I'll have a repeat of this one when I was eleven years old! The main difference would be the kid attached to the front of me, and the 18 years that have passed since then!
Jaclyn and I at Futureland on a ride that we had to get to by elevator. Very fun!
Animal Kingdom Safari . . . WOW! Seriously awesome! Fun roller coasters and crazy fun shows at that park as well! (and please note Candi's crazy blue eyes! Jealous!)
Dori and Marlin: The Crush show was seriously worth going to! The kids loved it!
Gran and Pappa at Epcot
Kristian Teik Ormson
Sevy, Teik, and Lleida
After the many times I've been to Disney World, I've never really witnessed the sword coming up! Leave it to my kids to make it happen! Does that make us royalty now?!
Teik and Woody
Getting their official racing driver's licenses.
Lightning McQueen--Kachow!
The Grandbabies! (minus 3).

Such a fun trip to get together with the whole family! Wish Jon could have come with us, but this guy:
made me feel like he was there! (We found him at Epcot in Norway!) Ahhh, Disney World!


What's Coming . . .

I fully intend on blogging about our awesome adventures in Disney World. Here is a sneak peak of the two happiest kids EVER! More to come . . .