Roadtrip: Part One: Utah and Yellowstone

We started our marathon of a roadtrip by going up to Utah. This first round there, we stayed with Zane and Bridget. Always fun! Sunday after church we went up to Provo Canyon. I don't think I'd been up there since right after Jon and I got married, and it was a blast!Action photo of Jon playing frisbee!
Action photo of Teik playing frisbee!
Nyah and the butterfly she caught!
Sevy and Nyah on a scooter.

After Utah, we headed up to Idaho to see a bunch of my family! Because we were so close, we had to make a trip up to Yellowstone!
At the entrance of Yellowstone Park.
After Old Faithful went off, we discovered this awesome seat area where we could have watched the whole thing on comfy rocking chairs and a warm building!
Lamar Valley. This is Jon and Kris's favorite place in Yellowstone because there is always an abundance of wildlife (bears, elk, buffalo, etc.). It was in this valley, as Teik slept, that he decided to blow up diaper wise, then top it off with throwing up. Bless that boy!
Right outside of Lamar is Mammoth--can't remember the full name!--In the parking lot, there were elk and buffalo all over the place! Technically we are not suppose to get this close, but they didn't seem to mind!


Summer Goals

I will soon update from our awesome roadtrip, but first I decided I need to write down my summer goals. I always feel if I write them down, I'm more likely to actually do them!

1. Finish my load of craft projects without starting new ones. (I made a new list yesterday, so hopefully I won't find new ideas!)

2. Teach Teik colors, shapes, and the alphabet. He gets neglected on stuff like that.

3. Make summer program for Sevy to keep up on all the awesome stuff she learned in school.

4. Organize baby stuff.

5. Finish Sevy's room.

6. Get an stellar tan. (I'm really not one to worry about skin cancer!)

7. Get Jon in shape. (His goal too--school does a number on normally active people).

8. Keep working until at least the end of July--except my water classes which I should be good through August.

9. Keep my garden flourishing (aka, remember to water it.)

10. Make my lawn presentable. It's really sad right now.

I really should include things like: Eat out less, Keep up on my housecleaning, Cook more, Save money, etc. but honestly, I don't know if that will happen. It's our last official summer here in Houston and I want to hit up the beach, and Sea World, and pools and such, and in doing that, I'm sure I'll be picking up food, and spending money on gas and sunscreen and frankly-clothes that fit! My house is always that last thing on my mind. Still hoping the kids will take me seriously when I tell them to pick up their toys!