I love Easter! I love the lessons surrounding the Resurrection, I love Easter baskets, I love the songs we sing at Church, I love getting/making the kids cute outfits, and I love dressing up and taking pictures! This year, was no exception! Being in the Branch, and the Primary at that, I get to teach a lot of lessons every Sunday. This year, both Sharingtime and CTR revolved around Christ's death, resurrection, and the fact that thanks to Him, we shall have Eternal lives! Loved it! What made it even better was the view right as we pulled in! Do you see that in the picture above?! That's right! Our new building is ACTUALLY getting walls! We also learned this week that the new building will have a font! So exciting!
After church, we decided to take pictures. Every time we drive down 288 we pass this random steel yard with funny sculptures. For the past 3 years I've been wanting to take pictures here! Today, my dream came true! This is Teik under a Rhino.Jon and the Hippo.
Me and a Stegosaurus. Oh, I'm basically 21 weeks pregnant! AND a shout-out to my mother-in-law for the outfit!
I LOVE this picture of Sevy and Teik. I will crop out Jon when I print it! Check out the random sculptures! I love this place!
Sevy and her new dress I busted out yesterday in 3 hours! I'm not in love with the top, but I love the bottom! I stole the idea from here. Not willing to spend the money, I did my own thing with muslin and tulle and a Butterick pattern I've had for awhile!

Tonight we had a fabulous dinner with our friends the Talbots, Greg Opdahl, and of course Kris and Ashley! It was amazing and I think I ate ham for 4 hours straight and still could eat more! Happy Easter!



In Alvin (about 30 minutes away) there is a fantastic farm that you can go pick your own strawberries! I've been aching to go, so finally, Friday, Jon got home early and we went! The kids loved it! They got pretty good at picking the nice strawberries, though Teik kept going for some weird ones!
One of the best finds of the day! Teik was pleased! It's like 5-in-1!
In the end we picked about 4lbs of the freshest, yummiest, strawberries ever! We've gorged ourselves on them all weekend, and I made 6 jars of freezer jam, and we still have quite a bit left for shortcake tonight! Ahhh, glorious strawberries!