So it's been awhile . . .

 I sadly realized I haven't posted in over a month. So here's a bit of what's been going on! Firstly, we've been going to the beach! Not terribly often since Deckland isn't the funnest guy to deal with there, but we have hit up a bunch of beaches we had never explored yet!
 Teik is my fantastic big boy! He loves chillin' with Deckland and crawl in his crib which makes me so mad, and makes Dex so happy! What do ya do?! Today, he went in for round two of tubes in his ears, and has recently started speech therapy, so we are hopeful we will get him caught back up with his clarity of speech!
 We recently went to the zoo with our good friends the Sampert's! They had a BLAST and LOVE hanging out with their friends! So sad to be moving from them!
 Another beach shot! This was my first adventure by myself with the three at the beach. We survived, so that was good!
 Deckland! This kid is growing too fast! He is officially 8 months today, properly crawling, pulling up to standing, and tries to walk while pulled up. He constantly has bruises and bumps on his head from his constant falls, but rarely cries unless he's REALLY hurt . . . like when he face-planted in my bathroom and his binky cut into his gums! Poor kid! He needs the helmut Teik rocked!
 Last night we got together with our Dental School crew! This is a picture of the original group that started together . . .
And this is our crew now! We have added Angie, the Welch's, and 6 kids! Not bad for four years!