Livin' it up in Amarillo

Sevy has been livin' it up this summer in Amarillo! I'm trying to give her a full summer before baby comes and before the heat of Houston attacks us. We've spent many afternoons at the pool thanks to Uncle Zane and she now loves swimming and the water slide! Every time all the cousins are over they end up wet thanks to the hose or the rain water buckets that Sevy cannot resist playing in! It's funny watching all the cousins play because they all have their reserves in one area, but you can see them breaking down the more they play together. Avery (pictured above) is the newest cousin and is not afraid of anything! She doesn't even walk yet but will crawl straight to the flowing water or straight for the pool!

It's been raining quite a bit and cousin Nyah is not afraid to run in the rain and now finally Sevy is the same way! She loves going out with the umbrella, but never really stays dry with it! Tonight we took her out because we were having a great thunderstorm and she would not go to sleep and she loved watching the "lights" and the thunder didn't even scare her. She was so excited about the rain though. She ended up falling asleep on Jon which was perfect!

On Mondays, Cheer Texas has a family play time for a couple of hours, so yesterday we took the kids. They had a blast! It was one place the three of them (Sevy, Nyah, and Drew) could play and actually not fight! Sevy loves the trampolines, and Drew was a madman running into the foam pit! Sevy and Nyah were more hesitant of that but loved when Jon would throw them in! I even jumped in with them and no, it did not help induce this baby! Little Avery kept crawling straight to the foam pit and also had a blast. They had so much fun and it wore them out!

It's so sad knowing we are moving away from Sevy's cousins, but it's been great that she has this summer to play with them before the big move. It'll be hard in Houston having both families so far away, but it's just what we have to do for the sake of a future and we know it's NOT permanent!


Natasha said...

OH MY GOSH!!! You are sill pregnant! Poor Girl! I feel for ya! Sevy is sooo adorable! I'm glad she is liking the water!

Jade and Charla said...

I have been praying that you will have this baby soon. I know that at this time you just want him out of you, but hopefully he will be a really good baby because he is fully cooked!!!