Our Garden Updated and What was I thinking?!?

We really don't have much to report this week so I thought I would give ya'll an update on our little garden. Well, it's growing--kind of. My peas grew fast and then due to our Texas heat, they are swiftly dying. Jon's tomatoes took longer to grow, and so they are still small, but remarkably still alive! That's always good. Maybe in a year one or the other will yield something yummy. But, there are always Farmer's Markets if all else fails.

In other news . . . In my "What was I thinking?" segment of this blog I just wanted to let ya'll know that I started working at the eye doctor's office again. I know. What am I thinking?!? This is the same place that about killed me mentally while I was pregnant and I went back??? The truth of the matter is that I'm a sucker. The doctor called me personally and asked for help and I cannot NOT help if someone asks. It's just not in me. So, I'm working there again, but the good news is it's on my terms. I only work if Jon is home to watch Sevy, and that leads to only working like 10-15 hours a week, which I can handle. The nice thing is we get our discount again which is badly needed when we both wear contacts! It's just as insane there as when I worked before, but we'll see if I can last!

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