Swimmer Girl

We totally lucked out this summer with me getting a job at our gym! The luck is, our gym has like the best pool this town has to offer for little tykes. It's so great--they have a huge covered pool that's only 1' deep and has slides, and hoses, and things to climb, and all sorts of stuff kids love. We've taken Sevy there a few times now, and after she gets use to the noise, she loves it! She loves to walk around in the water and even enjoyed us taking her down slides. There is also an outdoor pool that Sevy likes to float around in and splash and kick around. Sevy looks dashing in her little swim suits and her awesome florescent ear plugs (thanks to those tubes), and we got her awesome bright pool shoes to match the plugs. She's totally the complete package!

Sevy also has recently turned to such a girly girl. She loves to stick anything around her wrists and swish them around. Whether it's stacking donuts, toy chain links, hair dillies, or actual bracelets, she is sure to stick them on and show them off!
She also has discovered the joys of Mommy's waterbottle and constantly looks like she has gotten stuck in a rainstorm. Oh well! She's growing up so fast and is running like crazy. She has all the bumps and bruises to prove it!


The Macdonald family said...

That bathing suit is so stinking cute! I'm jealous about the cool pool. I would die to have one of those close by! Sevy looks like she's getting lots more hair. And you look super good too-skinny butt!!

Aaron & Kalle Reynolds said...

Kat that is the most adorable suit I have seen. I am jelous that you get a pool membership. On Friday when we move we loose ours.