Daddy's Day!

What an exciting 2nd Daddy's Day for Jon! Okay, it really wasn't . . . but what else's new! We did celebrate by making him a new baby onesie for Sevy to wear displaying that she is "Daddy's Girl!" He also got Simpson's season 9, and sour candy (his favorite). We spent the day teaching Sunbeams and housesitting. We do plan on having spaghetti for dinner though, a special treat for Jon.

What did make this weekend fun was the fact that Sevy's cousin Nyah came to town with her parents. We had fun swimming and the girls love to play together/fight each other. Nyah is so lovey and Sevy freaks out. It's highly entertaining!

Sevy has a new favorite thing to do. Jon will throw her into the air and onto the LoveSac and she freaks out loves it! She's gotten good at climbing up it and down it and just lounge in it! It's good to know that our only furniture when we first got married is now entertainment for our child!

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sarawhat said...

HI! How are you guys? Looks like you're doing good. We're doing great too. Baby #2 is due in about 2 weeks (boy this time) and Matt has been stationed in Panama City, FL for the next year. So we're moving at the end of next month. Hallie is almost two and she's really funny/naughty. :) Good to hear from you guys! Let me know how things are going there