What's been going on . . .

Jon is still busy busy with school. The light is on at the end of the tunnel though and he is on track to graduate in MAY! Whaaa WHAAAA!
I got a girls night out to the rodeo! After living in Houston for 4 years now, it was great to FINALLY go to the famous month long rodeo! Needless to say, it was super fun!
Teik is a total monkey! His personality is getting funnier by the day! He loves to be helpful, but not so much with things I actually need him to do! I can't believe how fast he's growing!
Deckland is my little cutie patootie! He started basically crawling this week at a ripe old age of 6 months! What?! I figure it's to get AWAY from his siblings who love him so much!
Sevy is almost 6! She LOVES school so much and is really the best older sister to her brothers!
She recently lost her top front tooth and I can't help but smile every time she flashes her toothless grin!

Our family is doing great! We are super busy with trying to get our house ready to go on the market, packing, church callings, and all the many projects I put upon myself! It keeps us busy but happy!


Nancy said...

Your hair is not near big enough to warrant going to a rodeo! Hooray for mini updates and upcoming home sale.

ash+kris said...

Omg!!! Deckers is soooo big! Can't wait to see y'all Wednesday! It seems like forever!