Spring Break, so far.

(The kiddos and their kites)
Sevy is off for Spring Break this week and with all boring stuff we HAVE to do, we've been trying to throw in some FUN stuff as well. Monday afternoon, Jon had off, so we made the most of the time we had to play!
(Sidenote: the trip to the beach was very much NOT planned. Hence me in jeans.)
This trip to Galveston is officially Decklands FIRST trip to the beach! He loved the sand and HATED the water! I think it was a bit cold for his taste!
What he did love about the beach was Jon throwing him in the air there! The temperature was perfect, so who wouldn't love that?!
Totally out of order. Before our random trip to the beach, we went strawberry picking at Froberg's Farm. It has been raining like crazy, so mud was EVERYWHERE! You can't really see it, but Sevy is wet clear up one side from a "slip'n'slide" like trip on that tarp. As our bucket holder, she didn't save our strawberries from the fall!

We finished the day off by going to Mario's--a little italian restaurant in Galveston that we have been passing for years now--for some super delicious pizza! GReAT! Family day out!


Nancy said...

Hooray you for being a spontaneous family! You are making the most of the best time of life. You makes me smile.

Lorin and Liza said...

A serendipity day!