My Boys

I grew up basically in a family of girls. We weren't raised girly, and I am admittedly more tomboy that girly-girl, but still, it was a very girl-centered household. Sevy is so easy, but now I find myself the mother of two boys, and Teik is truly a boy. The kid loves to wrestle, and sadly who he's wrestling is Deckland. He's my little Viking who loves sharks. He tries to do front flips on the couch and doesn't understand why I freak out when trying to catch him before he hits the ground. He's ALWAYS dirty, CONSTANTLY changing his clothes, and REPEATEDLY ignores what I ask him. The best part . . . HE LOVES ME! Regardless of the many times I yell and freak out--he always wants hugs and kisses and politely thanks me for the little things. I'm trying to learn what it is to be a mom to boys. I want to learn the fine-line of letting them be crazy boys but still being respectful, and kind, and centered. I want to be THAT mom that people tell me, "I love your boys!" because they are GOOD kids. Now comes the fun part of figuring out how to make that happen!


Nancy said...

The best mom of boys I ever knew was a neighbor across the street in Boise - her mantra was to ask herself every time she felt like stepping in "Is it going to kill them?" If it wasn't she let them be theirselves, even if it meant serious injury. Her boys were seriously the sweetest ever, I think part of that was because they felt like all the feedback they were getting from their mom was love and support instead of correction. She is one of my role models. I'm loving the challenge of raising this righteous little boy of mine too!

The Sullengers said...

If you figure it out - share it with me! :) Hudson is driving me crazy and I need to find that balance too!

Candice said...

I love your boys!