Summer Fun!

I seriously love summer! Even more with Jon being off to enjoy it with us! In honor of this, we've been trying to have the most fun possible!
A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to the zoo after a doctor's appointment. A nice lady took this picture of Teik and sent it to us! He was fascinated!
I think this is a given, but we go to Sea World a lot! We hit it up one last time before this baby comes and the kids got to hold a shark jaw! Teik LOVES sharks!
Jon and the kiddos!
The Sesame Street 4D movie is a real hit for us at Sea World!
Yum! We know Sevy is definitely our daughter with her love of bbq! We always have to hit up Queen's Bbq in Galveston whenever we go to the beach (with Jon)!
Teik giving us a thumbs up after a day at the beach.

Now the kids are off to another adventure of the summer! They are heading to Amarillo to see Mimi and their cousins while Jon goes fishing! They are stoked! It's sad that this is really our last carefree summer before Jon officially starts the real world, and I still can't believe Sevy starts Kindergarten in just a few weeks! Our family is growing just way too quickly!


Torrie said...

Soooo cute! I didn't even recognize Teik in the first picture because he's looking like such a big boy now, especially with his hair cut short. Can't wait to see them this week. Wish you were here too!

Nancy said...

summer should never end and I should make more of it while it is around (good thing it sticks around all year)

Candice said...

I love summer too. Love love love it. I did not realize Jon was off. That is the funnest.

Kristen said...

man you make cute kids. can't wait to see the next little Ormson! Happy summer

Mike & Traci said...

I probably say this every time I leave you a note but your family is the cutest!!!!!! You guys have so much fun together :) And your Prego belly is ADORABLE!!!! Seriously the only part of you that has grown is your belly!! I guess working out really helps with that....(i should think about doing that more between my eating & sleeping)